Hello world!

so i am a very opinionated person and i like to share my ideas and travel experiences. i meet a lot of people from all over the world and its interesting to share perspectives and ideas from the different cultures and parts of the world.

i have very good friends in all aspects of life – from the corridors of academia, through the cold airconditioned offices of the corporate world, past the ordinary layman in the street to the gutters of the various slums of whichever part of Ghana I find myself..

people fascinate me and as such its fun for me to talk to people and i love to share the wealth of information i gather when i state my opinion about one thing or the other be it religion, politics, sports, academic and even recreational. well, i am not called Nuttykola for any particular reason but that i have an open mind ready to absorb like a sponge.

upon advise from friends, i have started this blog post for open discussion. dont get me wrong when i say something you dont like. take me on and lets talk about it. that is the only i way i have come to learn, to adapt and be who i can be best.

hey, i am very spiritual and believe in God. albeit a Christian, other religions make sense to me cos religion is a way of life and everybody is entitled to what they believe in. atheists say they dont believe in anything but i ask, is believing in yourself not a religion? well i am here let the debate flow..

Hello World, Kola Nut finally has a blog post. this is gonna be fun!


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