Dark Thoughts

So a friend of mine posted on his social media page that he could see the stars out so bright and I said to myself ‘wow! That must be a wonderful sight.’ It is a marvelous blessing to see the constellation so magnificent in the sky especially in an urban city like Accra.

Apart from the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, what else came to mind was that if he could view the beauty of the constellation then like everything else in Ghana presently there must be a downside. To every blessing in Ghana now is attached a misfortune in disguise.

It did not take me long to fathom what this misfortune in disguise was and as by now most of my Ghanaian readers would have also made the connection, this good friend of mine was sleeping in the dark. His electricity, as that of his whole community, was off. This is what had made him resort to admiring the constellations instead of thinking of the woes of the land of his birth.

As I sit in the dark and pen these random thoughts that come to mind, using the lights reflected off from my Techno T9 phone (yes, it is a China phone without a torchlight, very rare) I sit naked at the window of my upstairs apartment letting the cool breeze wash over me. There is no electricity as far as my eyes can see and the whole area for miles around is in darkness. Even the police station across the road is swathed in darkness and I wonder what kind of law enforcement will be done in the darkness. The electricity is no respecter of persons and unless a person can afford a generator then that person covered in the blanket of darkness like everybody else.

There are no lights as far as my eyes can see. The whole community for miles is in a blanket of darkness as there is no moon, there are no stars and all I hear is the occasional chirping of birds, crickets making their usual noises. If it was the raining season, I am sure I would have heard the frog choir in full gruff melody but since that burst water pipeline created a pool at the end of the street for over a week; I can hear the occasional frog croak in search of a mate. That makes me wonder if in the sweltering heat even the frog would enjoy the mating moments with the mosquitoes being overlords of the pooled water.

So the same phone that provides me with lighting to pen down my random thoughts is the same phone I’m using to browse the social media circuit to keep abreast of what is going on with the rest of the world. I might be sitting in the dark but I don’t want to be in the dark when it comes to events all around the world and me. After all, the whole world is not dark abi? Talk about multitasking in the dark. In times like this I do thank my Maker that I live alone half the time because the last time I was caught in such a situation I had to provide to a ‘standing fan’ for another person to be able to brave the heat and sleep. That is to say me standing to fan the other person to sleep. What a task!

Those of us who attended high school in the old Common Entrance days will remember with nostalgia the days of ‘senior da oh da.  senior da ansa na ma da’[1] whilst we the junior boys fanned our seniors in school to sleep. We also reciprocated when we became seniors, letting junior boys fan us to sleep and the cycle continued way after we even completed school when those junior boys also became seniors after we had left.

So it begs the question, after 56years of independence, are we moving forward as a nation, are we marking time or we are rather trudging backwards with vim? Does Kwame Nkrumah’s slogan ‘Forwards Ever Backwards Never’ apply to any situation in Ghana presently? Maybe yes because instead of using ‘bobo’ lanterns to provide lights to write this blog, I could choose to use, as most people do, a Chinese manufactured, battery operated halogen lamp or as I am doing now just the reflection of the lights from my Chinese manufactured phone. That could be progress abi? That is moving forward. Or?

Not to delve into Ghanaian politics but the much touted Better Ghana Agenda has really made Ghana better indeed by raising our hopes. At 56years after independence, should we still be hoping?

Yeah I know! I know I am raising more questions than answers but as I brave the mosquitoes in this darkness, penning down these random thoughts, spurred on by my good friend’s observation of the beauty of the stars, I wonder what difference I can make. Then I am reminded of a saying I swear to have seen somewhere that if you think you are too little to make a major or significant impact, they you have never been in a dark room (with darkness as far as the eye can see) with a single mosquito.

Ghana belongs to me and you. Let us strive to make a difference no matter how small.

Long live Ghana!

[1] Song in Twi sang as lullaby whilst juniors in high school stood at the bed of seniors.

Senior sleep oh sleep, senior sleep before I sleep.

3 Responses to “Dark Thoughts”

  1. Kofi, this is a churned masterpiece from a scholarly master. Cheers.

  2. Nice one, Don Kola!

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