Colored Girls


i wrote this when i saw the touching movie about what different categories of black women have to go through every day as portrayed in America but is prevalent all over the world.
it is my point of view and is subject to discussion. let us open the dialogue and talk about the issues at stake in this world that we live in.

i saw colored gals
the movie
and i was moved
saw how black mothers
black sisters
black corporate women
black philanthropists
black hustlers
black students
they all got their grooves on..

the black mother struggles to keep her children safe
keep herself on the border line of sanity
the corporate woman is apathetic
she has higher education
she’s been deceived it’s a land of equal opportunity
deceived by her education
deceived by the corporatocracy..

the black philanthropist helps others
but does not practice what she preaches
other philanthropist
helps young girls get out of the ghetto
through sex-expressive dance
but gets drawn into a ‘situation’

colored gals try to work together
yet separated by the ideals
giving advise on how to deal with life
yet caught in the middle
defiled by life in the end..

did she she really slap the corpse
OMG!! *sniffles*

the black mother
abused by religion
tearing her daughters apart
both are victims of abuse
right from the cradle
lured with the importance of money
sure of the power of money
and the dread of the lack of money..

what is it with colored gals
that touches me in places i did nott know existed
is it the language its scripted in
oh! such beautiful language
poetic! even
reminds me of other stories
Get rich or Die trying
Poetic Justice
and Eve’s Bayou..
Dr. Maya Angelou?

soundtrack of Colored Girls
should be aptly titled
Anthology of Colored Girls..

colored girls
the struggle goes on..

movie trailer

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3 Responses to “Colored Girls”

  1. Ty for sharing, the experiences of black women in the states can be horrific! Sigh

  2. thank you sir, women all over the world can relate this story.

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