Insomniac Blues


i do not know what is happening lately but then i am getting worried that i can’t sleep at night. it is not like it is a new phenomenon with me because i have gone hours on end without even yawning. if my memory serves me right i think i once did 32 hours without sleep and it wasn’t like i was inactive. i am an avid sportsman and this feat was achieved during one of our inter-colleges sports and athletic meets when i was in high school.

why do i let my sleep pattern bother me in recent times, i do not really know but it seems that the more people hear about my condition, the more they think i need help. if i did need help, i wont have to go very far because my mom is a retired nurse who gave her due as a hero of this country for forty good years. in her own words she spent forty years changing bed pans and cleaning people’s vomit. well she paid her dues and thank God she is now retired.

furthermore if i really needed help and it was spiritual i didn’t have to look very far. my dad is a reverend minister who will by the Holy Spirit exorcise all the sleepless evil out of my system.

so why do i let it bother me. quite recently i have made a lot of ‘friends’ and these friends have come to get closer to me because i have a good ear for bullshit and i give it out in equal amounts although i am quite circumspect about dishing it out. i have also come to develop a tough skin and being a cynic nothing really gets past me and gets me emotional apart from idiocy and sheer stupidity.

my friends, having realized i don’t sleep at night will call at odd hours wanting to talk because they cant sleep. they have come to realize that if they wanted somebody to talk to at any time of the night, then at least there is one nut who is always awake. funnily enough, sometimes i can force myself to sleep especially when i have meetings to attend in the morning and these are the times i wake up with the most missed calls on my phones.

for those my friends who think i am a chronic insomniac i keep referring them to the wikipedia catalogue on insomnia ( and upon careful study of the symptoms and cure for insomnia i do not think i am sick.

so as i sit here, i have decided for the last time that i will not be bothered with and by what snide remarks people pass about me to me or behind my back. there is nothing to change about being the absolutely fabulous person that i am.

hey, call me anytime you want and at the end of the day i decide which calls to take and which ones not to take. if i don’t pick up then i’m asleep because i sometimes also need the company via phone instead of in the mazes and labyrinths of cyber space and social media.

well, it is time to make a decision and like we always say, it is best to sleep on it. how do i make a decision if i can not sleep.


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