Bus Travel in Ghana (1)

luxury bus   Bus rides in Ghana can be very fun depending on who you are and where you are going. Ghanaians take lots of bus rides everywhere they go. This is especially when your line of work involves travelling a lot throughout different regions in Ghana. The most important part of bus travel is neither the driver of the bus nor the roads you use on your travels but you the traveler. Obviously travelling from city to city in urban areas will have more comfortable options due to the roads than travelling into the much more rural hinterland in this land of our birth Ghana. Moreover if the bus breaks down on any bad roads, you get to chalk it down as experience.

Bus travel in Ghana reminds me of nostalgic moments in high school in the 90s where buses were arranged for us. When school reopened, buses such as STC were arranged by the school to get students in a particular region to school. However on vacation the buses were organized by individual students in the school. They were arranged so that the buses will pick us up from school so we didn’t have to go to the station and struggle with other students from other schools for buses at the bus station. So throughout the term, students looked out for who was going to organize the latest, most comfortable and fastest bus leaving the school premises to the various destinations especially to Kaneshie or Nkrumah Circle in Accra.

The organizers therefore used these points in their advertising for passengers to join their buses. Most of these were mini-vans who travelled the road so fast that it led to increased rate of accidents so much so that they were banned on the intercity highways in the mid 90s. I sometimes have nostalgic memories of the VW LT buses, then the Toyota Hiaces and much later the fast automatic Fords.

Students on these buses were caught in the fun of being with each other and with the ‘Jama’ songs flowing, police check points were overrun and it was just a straight run to Accra, virtually no stopping for anything. Everybody wanted to get on the buses with the most notable ‘jama’ singers of the school because you knew that automatically that ‘ride’ was going to be fun with non-stop singing. The louder the ‘jama’ the faster the bus went. At the police check points, the songs against the police were derogatory and it was partly the reason why the police did not bother to stop the students. They just waved us through.

I came to love travelling by bus so much that in later years I came to find solace in just sitting on buses to read books as a hobby. I really didn’t care about destinations. All I had was an urge to get out of Accra’s stifling heat on a particular day and then I went to the bus station in Kaneshie and got on any bus that caught my fancy and off I went to whatever destination it was headed to, armed only with my curious sense of adventure and a novel to read when the lands got desolate and there was nothing to see from the window.

My adventurous nature was fuelled by this kind of travelling and I also got to see very interesting places and towns in Ghana. It was in this way that I discovered Winneba town in those days before the University College of Education, I discovered Mankessim and Saltpond townships and also Suhum and Swedru. Other towns include Ningo, Prampram, Ada and Sogakope. These are towns that occupy an important part in Ghana’s history and it was fun to look for relics of the colonial era in this towns. In the coastal towns I found old relics like cannon balls and in one town an old popular Dutch fort. Being a history buff, one will understand what this means to me.

Recently I have come to love travelling to various parts of Ghana when I can and with the help of social media chronicle and share my experiences with my friends. With this blog post now I can put down my thoughts and observations on a bigger platform to create the fun and awareness of the interesting places that exist in Ghana.

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2 Responses to “Bus Travel in Ghana (1)”

  1. Nice one. We would like to read about some incidents in these buses. What is hilarious or sometimes annoying is those GH movies they show at such a loud volume

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