Morning Musings

Woke up with a song on my mind

Lord I lift up my hands

   I lift up my eyes

Have your way with me

Every step that I take

                                Every move that I make

Lord have your way with me..


Women have an internal Peace

                                That they only find in religion (Christ)

                Or in the arms of a man.



Watching her sleep

                In between soft breaths, breasts and soft snores

Such a pretty sight


She did not recognize my cell number

                                For someone she claims to love

                I am hurt

It’s not right but it’s okay.

Threesomes and handiwork

  Tap flowing in the wee hours of the morning

                                                With accompanying sputtering noise

More rushing to the tap to avoid flooding the room.

Need to find a pen

                                Put these thoughts down

Grumblings from the bed

Mutterings about loneliness

                                                And Neglect

But I have been here the whole time

                                Watching you sleep the beauty sleep peacefully


                Where is my phone

                                                I gotta check Bernadette’s daily message on facebook

                                And my messages too

                How about friend’s statuses

                                                                                To post or not to post

                                                                                                                It is still  too early

                 Eish! My mind

All this in half an hour

                I guess this will go on

For the next twenty four hours!


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