Stop Incidents like this in Ghana!

Ghana-Flag-MapMany of us bloggers have been trying to put Ghana on the world map as a destination to be and that culminated in The New York Times declaring Accra one of the cities to visit in 2013. I must say whilst some folk work tirelessly to make Accra and Ghana a happy place, others are dragging us in the mud. The following story is not an isolated case and it has happened to me too in some places I have traveled to in Ghana.

i am not posting it to distract tourism in Ghana but it is high time we weeded this people out and blacklisted them ourselves. Let us not wait for the reviews of the tourists and then try to lash at them because they exaggerated it. We can relate to this stories so here goes an experience of a friend of mine.

                                                                              Customer Service? More like Customer “Dis-service”.

Afia Beach Hotel seemed like a nice enough beach-front hotel to accommodate my father who was coming in from Lagos, Nigeria to visit my sister and I in Accra for a week.

Big mistake!

First, he was checked into a room (Room 25) that was already occupied! Next, when he was given another room (Room 21), the lights in the bathroom, as well as the air-conditioner, did not work. We reported the faults to the Front Desk and a technician was assigned to fix them. After about two hours the faults remained unresolved and he was moved to yet another room (Room 17). In this room, the bathroom sink was wobbly, the tap was loose, and there was no water pressure in the taps. The bedside lamp had no bulb in it and the telephone did not work! So, of course, we had to complain yet again.

To our utter dismay, however, the proprietor’s response to our complaint was not an apology but rather: “This is Africa! This is not the West. In Africa, things break down; things do not work. This is what we have in this hotel and nobody has complained. I have prime ministers and other ministers of state coming to stay here and they have no complaints. My staff should have told you how things are here, so you could have decided for yourselves whether you can accept things as they are or not!”

To say we were shocked would be an understatement.

At this point, we decided that we had had enough. We gathered Dad’s things, stuffed them back into the suitcase and left the room. After settling him in the car, we went to the Front Desk to check out. The proprietor was seated in the lobby, watching us and listening in on our conversation with the gentleman behind the counter. When I urged the guy behind the counter to speed up the checkout processes, Mr. Proprietor flared up. He stormed up to me at the counter yelling: “This is my f**king hotel! I did not build this hotel with your peanuts! Who the hell do you think you are? After all, where are you from? Is it not just Nigeria? Get out! Get out of my hotel!”

I lost it. Despite my sister’s urging to ignore him, I yelled right back at him. I called him “a very bush man”. I told him that I was not surprised his hotel was as it is having seen the kind of ‘man’ in charge. Finally, I promised him that I would post a true review of his hotel on as many travel websites as I can find!

To this, his response was to yell: “You cannot do anything! You cannot do hooo!”

We left; and we have since settled Dad in a lovely hotel closer to home. It is not a ‘beachfront’ hotel but at least the room was not already occupied, the light in the bathroom – as well as the air-conditioner – works, the bathroom sink is steady, the tap is fixed, the water pressure in the tap is just right, the bedside lamp has a working bulb in it and the telephone works! Most importantly, the proprietor does not insult his guests!

So, as promised, here is my review: Afia Beach Hotel is most definitely NOT worth even half of the rates they charge; and I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE.

via Mrs Lydia Parker Wricketts

Their website:


4 Responses to “Stop Incidents like this in Ghana!”

  1. I would have loved it if u had taken a picture of the place. this is so much in distaste!

  2. Sounds appalling. I’ve been in there for a beer but never as a hotel guest. ‘This is Africa, take it or leave it’ is for 10 cedi a night places – it is laughable from a city center hotelier charging serious dollar rates.

  3. Salomey Abraham Says:

    Serves his very right.Insolent idiot.

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