Food is Good!


ImageFood is important for the human body because it acts as energy source for the body’s activities. It is therefore important that the human body is fed with adequate and the appropriate food for it to perform its functions accordingly.

It is in this regard that the World Food Program exists to provide and regulate one of the three basic human needs. Food is therefore very important and as such every human being has to develop food eating habits that are appropriate to the human condition. I will not delve into the different types of food because that is not what the focus of this essay is.

Recently, I have been charged with bad eating habits which I am aware of myself. It is rather interesting that when a human being has bad eating habits we recognize it ourselves but the rectification is always problematic due to time and usually work constraints. Sometimes one just forgets about food because of a situation one finds him or herself in.

My eating habits have been thrown out of sync especially since I started living alone. But that will be a thing of the past soon. Just this morning I had a typical breakfast, normally, in about 3years. Yes that is how serious my condition is. I do not usually make a fuss about food and it got worse when I started living alone. My partner used to find it very frustrating that I find eating a chore especially since African women grow up to believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What this means to an African woman whose partner doesn’t eat that much is that he doesn’t love her very much because she has no access to his heart. What has become evident in these modern times to these women is that the modern day man has different criteria for selecting his woman and sometimes her culinary skills are on the bottom of the list.

African men of today will select their mates and partners based on education, confidence, wit, sense of humor and the ability to blend into any situation. They will also be selected based on beauty and compatibility. Wow! That’s a lot of info but that is not the issue here. That is a topic for discussion on another day.

As for the food, we all eat and definitely we will all eat sometime no matter how busy we are. Your eating habits may not be as bad as mine or they might even be worse. But please if you are reading this, find time to eat something and keep that body of yours healthy.



2 Responses to “Food is Good!”

  1. Chaley, food is more than energy for the body. it also shapes how we think (literally with its affect on hormones) and how we feel (fatty foods make us feel heavy and slow). It’s also power. The person who holds the key to food production holds power to the people. It’s not education or employment. We all know what Marley said was on point – “A hungry man is an angry man”

    Chaley, I EAGERLY await your series of articles about the selection process of the modern Ghanaian man in pursuit of a mate! 😉

    • selection process of a modern Ghanaian man for a mate? i will have to do research on that one and i’m sure i will confirm that different strokes for different people. reminds me of the nursery rhyme
      ‘some like it hot
      some like it cold
      some like it in the pot
      nine days old..’

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