Rave and Rant

so I am angry and I decide to rave and rant about what is going on around me life is such a mixture of all the things you can prepare for and life itself does not prepare you for some of the incidents that happen within it but you just have to go with the flow no matter what you go through why does it always have to be war in Africa terrorists insurgents chemical weapons but do we know who are always responsible for this who are the proponents and the opponents they always say that one man’s rebel soldier is another man’s freedom fighter what is freedom fighting if you are killing the people you claim to be fighting for then who would you lord it over in case you win that freedom you are free but are they free too when they are buried in mass graves all over the news we hear all over the place is very depressing why is it that SKY NEWS BBC NEWS CNN AL JAZEERA CCTV  and everybody else brings us world news full of wars what about the way money is going down the drain on the stock markets all over the powers that be need to look into this because whatever happens in the western world affects Africa adversely and the impact cannot be underscored for the stories in our African press sensationalism takes the cake and our politics and political leaders are so stained that politics has become a fail safe way of getting rich what happened to selfless service I weep for this continent Africa why wont there be strikes protests and unrests everywhere you turn all over the world all economies are reeling all humans want to do is survive and now markets are burning all over Ghana and Mayors say it is an opportunity for development what about the property and means of livelihood that was lost amidst rumors that fires were intentionally set wow im getting out of my mind cant think straight let me just end here


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