Office Blues


The office can be such a stressful environment depending on the people you work with or it can be a very conducive environment for sharing ideas and learning. Offices are set up to be places where work is done and done effectively.

Setting up an office can rely on a lot of things but paramount to these is the personnel that are going to work in the office. These are individuals from different walks of life and of different experience all going to be put together in a melting pot of an office environment to a desired result. Usually it is one person’s responsibility to coordinate all the people and such a person must be a person with an iron will and a heart of gold usually.

My office currently is still under personnel construction and so far I love the cameradie that is spreading among the staff. In an organization that has a bad reputation especially for staff not working according to par, this office is going to be a challenging one. Tasks are going to be attacked like no other and the level of commitment, dedication, teamwork and the willingness to learn is something to look up to.

I hope to enjoy being in this office and learn as much as I can from my colleagues.



One Response to “Office Blues”

  1. Work can be difficult at times, but I love the attitude you have. Keep it up and your job will be an enjoyable place. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with everything 🙂

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