The Loo Chronicles

Toilet Clipart Invention of Toilets


When toilet is mentioned most people think of only one thing. Our usually one track minds are focused on what goes on in the loo and this will elicit an ‘ewww’ or ‘yuck’ from most people, more often than not in mock disgust. Yes! mock disgust because you just cannot imagine anybody else doing what you go in there to do but it is pretty easy to picture what you do yourself in there.

Some folks are so disgusted by there that they do a quick entry and exit like they were performing an ablution of some sort. But come to think about it for a minute, with an action like that who wouldn’t do a quick run in and out especially in when you ate something that has upset your tummy and you need to download faster than any of those fast cars in any of the fast and furious movies.

Interestingly I have had the most epiphany and my most intellectual moments and insights in this same place of yuckiness and ewww-ness. I don’t really know whether it is just me or that I take time when I go to the loo in order to make sure that I download all the waste in my system. Apparently it runs with the men in my family. The men in my house read every article in very newspaper before they get out of the loo. Recently, the toughest of exam scripts that gave headaches felt better when marked in the loo.

Personally I used to read magazines in the loo or even journals that I found lazy to read. This is because during the act of ‘shitting’ I have had time on my hands and I had no other choice than to read the material that I sent there. It is in the loo that I read the articles that I have no time for hitherto when I am out in the real world.

Most of my graduate thesis research was analyzed whilst in the loo, I have read journals in the loo to expand my knowledge on certain issues I would never have bothered to read, I have gotten ideas that have transcended into action to change several lives in the loo, I have made countless deals in the loo when in recent times I always take my android smartphone into the loo.

I have had lectures and been given lectures whilst sitting in the loo, the most profound being the two hour lecture and expose on race relations in America given by my good friend Akua Asare. Several others have followed in her wake from my former Californian students Nicole Ramsey, Saron Sey Ephraim, Toni Marie, Shashay Abrahms, Zane Ambler and a host of other students who became friends.

Wow! Does that mean this world is not real? What it means is that the act is one of the acts that remind any living person that they are alive and I have never felt more alive than when I am in the toilet. It is an act that has been least considered in all our human activity especially in this capitalistic cosmopolitan world where the money chasing is the order of the day. We are in too much of a hurry to get out of there and get to the business of the day forgetting that when you don’t take care of that business in the day, it will definitely take care of you when you least expect thus disrupting something else you deemed more important.

But take a minute to think about it. Without letting out the waste in your body, the body itself goes to waste. It is important that just as you clean your house of dirt and dust, you clean your system of waste. Purging all that waste out leaves the body very pristine and what better way to do that than also get to renew and improve your mental faculties at the same time.


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2 Responses to “The Loo Chronicles”

  1. Salomey Abraham Says:

    wooowww………..”NASty” truth……….hahahahaha

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