Six Pack Coming Soon!



Look closely this picture and tell me what you see? This picture inspires me to write what’s on my mind. Seriously we in Ghana take exercising less seriously than we are supposed to. Every time we wait till it gets very bad then we now try to find solutions to the already worsened situation.

Six packs coming up is a parody on how we as Ghanaians do not pay attention to anything until it is rather too late. From politics through to religion, from education through to our social system and to our very existence and everyday life, we keep procrastinating and shifting things on to a later date. Take for example the most familiar political jargon , the words you will hear from any politician when you should ask them a question as to how long a project is to be undertaken for the benefit of the people and they will, one and all say’’ it’s in the pipeline’. Every action or project decision is in the pipeline. When will the proverbial pipeline ever be flooded and the project will see the light of is as if all the politicians when the swear the oath of secrecy have it’s in the pipeline burnt on their tongues like God burnt words on the tongues of the prophets of old.

Talk about the prophets and the religious ministers and if you are lucky and they preach about salvation, the congregation will listen and be thinking, wait for me to gain my worldly possessions then i can be saved. But do you blame them. Same thing happened when a wannabe disciple asked Jesus what he had to do to be saved. When told he should leave his wealth and come follow Christ, he said he had to go put his house in order. We always have an excuse to postpone the most immediate action.

On social media it is obvious that every Ghanaian knows exactly what is wrong with the Ghanaian system and will rave and rant when they are not in the driving seat and call the political leaders inept, corrupt and inefficient. But alas! When these youth, by their political affiliation, get into positions that they can effect change they kowtow to the very systems they criticised. These leaders always have an excuse as to why they have joined the rank and file of the very people they criticises in that same pipeline. i have been in the same post graduate seminars with some of these leaders who have vocally pledged that they will not circumvent the wheel and as such for me it is not surprising that finding them in high places and they do nothing but selfishly amass public wealth for themselves.

Unfortunately even though it is a crime to divert funds for one’s own personal use in Ghana, provided that you can give back the principal of the money stolen the punishment is deferred. . The justice system in Ghana is just like everywhere else, only for the rich and privileged?

Now let us go back to health issues. a friend of mine who was a healthy sportsman got a job at a leading bank and was so busy he neglected his health. Bad eating habits combined with no exercise and a sleeping disorder combined to ravish his body and he was diagnosed with high cholesterol at a young age of thirty four. On the day that he was diagnosed, being an avid sportsman and knowing the implications, he took the day off and went to find a gym to register to so he could get back into shape. Why did he wait to get a terminal disease before he got back to seriously thinking of his health?


Like the story above, we can all relate to waiting to the very last minute before we take action. The cliché a stitch in time saves nine is very apt. an act in time averts further misfortune and we have to learn to take out lives and health more seriously. Life is not all about ourselves but what we can do for others. Other people need us more than we need ourselves so open your eyes and your mind to your surroundings and help out if you can. No matter who you are, you have something you can help with and give out. It could be your time or just a word of advice.

Six pack coming soon. Let’s not wait for the soon but yes let’s start working on that six pack now, not later, so that it comes sooner.

 Like I always say it begins with YOU!!


4 Responses to “Six Pack Coming Soon!”

  1. Salomey Abraham Says:

    Well written Kola..theres always a message everyone can relate to in everything you write.God bless you

  2. “We always have an excuse to postpone the most immediate action.” – chaley, ka na ka biom! Seriously. It’s true. We prioritize other things and those things aren’t what will keep us alive, healthy, happy and whole. And I’m preaching to myself with this one!

    “On social media it is obvious that every Ghanaian knows exactly what is wrong with the Ghanaian system and will rave and rant when they are not in the driving seat and call the political leaders inept, corrupt and inefficient.” – Seriously! After the talk then what? Should it not be the walk?

    • we are afraid of what people will say to the detriment of our own selves when it comes to personal stuff.
      as for the public office, we only go there to maintain the status quo.

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