Late Night Thoughts: A Poem?

Late at night

It’s even early morning

Because the night crawls to meet the dawn

I sit pondering why I’m awake

What is the point of being wakeful

Whilst life slips me by

When my friends and colleagues lie in slumber

I sit pondering  upon the empty silence.


What is life all about

We strive hard yet we cannot boast

work hard yet we cannot say we gain

Where is evidence to show our struggles

Where is the evidence to show our pain

Where is the evidence to show that we stay awake


Day in day out

There is nothing to show.


But life persists

It is not ours to call

For the Maker above assures us

That all life is transient

All is vanity anyways

So why strive so hard

Only to leave it all behind


So let’s have fun

Let’s make the best of this life

Life they say is what you make it


But appropriate

What is this life

I’m still pondering…



8 Responses to “Late Night Thoughts: A Poem?”

  1. “Because the night crawls to meet the dawn” – lovely imagery.

  2. Salomey Abraham Says: life life..what do we have to show for our struggles was actually not boring. good work

  3. I enjoyed your poem. You effectively ended on a positive note after portraying struggle and pain. Very nicely written and inspirational!

  4. Joan nana-tuffour Says:

    Nie piece dear

  5. Great stuff man. I actually enjoyed it. Twister.

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