Naked Thoughts!

So inspired by my friend and confidant Akua Asare I also want to write reflections. There is so much going on in my mind that I wonder if I can put it all down this early Saturday morning as I sit naked in my bed.

I have made some interesting friends on my relocation to Tamale and it is interesting how I could not have done the potential of making such friends. These are people who have always been around and I have always known were around but never really took it upon myself to befriend. Oh! I just knew them.

Some of my friends have been in the picture since I started coming to Tamale over a decade ago. Maybe my psyche had relegated them to the kind of people I would only happen to be around so that they cheered me up, were company to make my stay in Tamale bearable and then when I went back to Accra I forgot about them. But contrary to whatever I was thinking (don’t really know what I was thinking) some of these friends have remained loyal.

Let us take for example my sports friends especially my basketball mates. Some of us have been playing basketball for years and I have not even bothered to know their real names, their backgrounds or what family backgrounds they have. Recently, it just hit me that apart from the boys who came down south to Accra that I knew before coming here, I just could not be bothered about the rest of them.

But alas since I took an interest in their lives, profession, relationships, family and even studies, the playing is not just running, jumping and throwing balls into a hoop on a cracked cement court but also a meeting of the minds of friends and professionals. Truth be told, some of these boys are dedicated professionals and very good at what they do and I realized that even together we could not only come to the court and play but share ideas in the different fields of our professions and tap into each other’s wide experiences.

The essence of team work and cooperation in sports as in life now makes more sense and it’s in effect in our playing with each other on the court. It is not just about getting to the court, pounding each other hard for a few minutes (basketball is more physical up here), getting wet and going home. Now the game is also about the camaraderie, the light banter, the stiff competition on and off the court and the talk about women whilst we sit and sip on water.

On some days, when the tiredness has set in beyond measure, boys serve lunch and drinks after a game and the banter goes on. I can hear the laughter still ringing in my ears after the last ‘sitting’.

It is true there is a lot on my mind but this is the first thing that comes to mind this morning because as I sit naked in my bed, I know I am missing out on the boys being together on the basketball court. I am missing on the early morning jokes and teases, missing on the hangover stories of events of yesterday’s Friday night parties and outings, missing on the kenkey and fish with beer that will be going on after the game.

But even though I miss all that I can still revel in the feeling that I am part of this crew and when they are done, they will check on me to see if I’m okay and ask why I was not there.

That is friendship. Go Figure!



#Tamale Chronicles




3 Responses to “Naked Thoughts!”

  1. Salomey Abraham Says:

    I can only say that this kind of friendship only holds to MEN….Most men are loyal without a fault. Well said

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