Technology has proven a handy tool for communication in recent times and new methods of communication keep springing up every day. It is like people are just churning ideas and inventions to make human life easier and more convenient but really are our lives getting better with all this technology around us.

I have realized now that even in cars, very soon the element of human control is gradually being taken away after seeing the proposed future models of some of the luxury cars. All you have to do is sit in the car and tell it where to go and all the technological systems kick in and send you to your destination. Where is the human element and pleasure of sitting behind the wheel and changing gears yourself? Nowadays everybody wants to drive an automatic automobile and even some cars are already using biometric systems to access and operate such as in the car’s security features and operation or handling.

In several other fields of life, technology is taken over the human systems and this is gradually become a normal thing everywhere one turns. My little gadget which is barely 3inches and weighs less than 30kg is an android phone that I can download applications on, depending on what I want, keeps me online at any time of day even when I’m asleep. True the world revolves round technology these days but then are we not really losing the human phase?

Social media has taken over the human landscape and now there are very few people who are not touched by the effects of social media. I don’t want to make a list of the media platforms because every day I seem to be getting requests from friends on applications I have never heard of but still exist. Social media has developed into a technological communication tool that one necessarily needs to get into to be a ‘normal’ person. It is true you can wean yourself off it for some days but you will definitely come back. It is where all the ‘action’ is.

How else would you hear about an event unless via Facebook or Twitter or the other social media sites? These sites have provided some enterprising people with marketing tools to display what they do and have also in a perverse way provided some unscrupulous people of both sexes an easier way to indulge in their perversion and moral decadence.

We spend all the time online on these social media sites and then there are some people who I refer to as ‘Keyboard Hercules’ very strong and vocal behind the keyboard but nothing like that compared to their real selves. It is like they develop and personality in their fingers that can do anything but it is actually in their minds. Such people abound on these social media sites and it is rather frustrating to think you are talking to a woman in a chat room and you realize it has been a man all along. But yes! That’s social media for you. Once a person sits behind the keyboard you can by anybody and anything you want to be and different people are taking advantage of this especially scammers.

It is very important that even though technology has come to stay, we remain circumspect in its use especially as Africans. We have values that no matter what the world around us comes to, we should try very hard to keep. The Chinese have done it with their culture and see where they are now. We can also do the same as Africans in keeping our culture and using the communication tools and social media to spread it.

Let us not lose ourselves in the fray of cosmopolitanism. We should not follow blindly but be Afropolitans blending our African values with the good aspects of cosmopolitanism. Then we can say we also have an African identity.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!!


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4 Responses to “TECHNOLOGY AND YOU: The Gadget Wars”

  1. Got to be able to keep the human touch – and i mean literally.

  2. Salomey Abraham Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….when the truth bites before it hurts.

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