just here!

this is gonna be a short one because i only have five minutes to type what is on my mind.

what is Ghana coming to?

it is true that we gave the leaders the mandate to be where they are and be ‘lords’ over us but then the question i keep asking is ‘who does the power really belong to?’ us or them?

the earlier we wake up to the fact that power is in our own hands to effect the change we need, the better for all of us as Ghanaians whether literate or illiterate.

i have become so fed up with the Ghanaian situation that sometimes i am glad i am a savannah boy. true because the radio stations in Accra will not let you have your piece of mind on issues pertaining to politics almost every morning. here in Tamale, i don’t even bother to listen at all but get the snippets of the news online when i log on.

Ghana belongs to me and you! lets make the best of it!

Ghana my motherland!

like I’m used to saying now. it begins with YOU!!

long live Ghana!



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