Fire for Fire!

Surgeon General warning: Smoking is harmful to your health!

second hand smoke is more harmful ..

sure this applies to farting too.

so our bus to Tamale gets to a rest stop at Kim Tampons

oops Kintampo (town in the middle of Ghana) and I realize some fellow passengers of mine in the luxury air-conditioned bus are hungry and ordering boiled eggs for dinner.

instantly all my dysfunctional brain can decipher

is the amount of gas that will accumulate in the bus when even five of them let loose their gaseous bowels.

not wanting to be outdone I step down and get two fried eggs and three boiled ones eaten on the spot.

slogan running through my mind?


no second hand smelling for me.

too dangerous especially with my allergies.



PS: watch out for the full article Ten Hours Home

Thanks! (y)


One Response to “Fire for Fire!”

  1. Salomey Abraham Says:

    haahahahahaha…………….fire for fire.

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