If all men were the same

There are times when we go through life

Wondering what went wrong.

Did we not believe ourselves enough that we could make it?

Or we just went on in life going with the fray.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of persons we are

As human beings we have human traits, yes!

But then what is insanity.

What is the thought process that we go through?

Shakespeareans would say there is no art

To find the mind’s construction in the face

But then as we like it

Is not the same as everybody deals with tempests

So when we are marooned we all think differently

In different situations

How come we are all not uniform

What would it be like if all men were the same?

Or all women

For that matter were the same

Then where does that leave us as humans

We have always been a people not subject to telling

We need to see to believe

What people will term show-and-tell

Even in the days of the prophets of old

Of the renaissance and enlightenment

Human beings have wanted to see miracles

Things of wonderment

But now technology has taken it all

Science has proven it all

And what we cant use science and technology to prove

Has been taken care of by faith

Oh humans!

I won’t want to be anything else.



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