National Anthem!

God bless our homeland Ghana

Think about it closely and one comes to the sharp realization that God has already blessed this country beyond measure. In terms of natural resources I do not have to provide a list of what we have been endowed with but will mention a few; there are natural minerals like gold, precious stones like diamonds, timber from our forest and even non-traditional export products.
Talk about our human resource and Ghanaians are the most hospitable people on the surface of the whole planet. Furthermore, Ghanaians are the best at what they do the world over (except in their home country of course)

And make our nation great and strong

The geographical location of Ghana makes it difficult for outside influences without notice. A nation landlocked by three French speaking nations and the sea still thrives by whichever means it does.
With reference to greatness, most of Ghana’s statesmen throughout history have gone down as world statement – from Kwame Nkrumah (renown Pan Africanist advocating for African Unity) to Kofi Annan (past Secretary General to the United Nations)

Bold to defend for ever
The cause of freedom and of rights

The history of the country is a bane of strength in defense of what our forefathers have done for the country notable among them is the Aborigines Right Protection Society that fought against the British crown annexing all lands in its proposed Lands Bill

Fill our hearts with true humility

It is the Ghanaians fervent prayer that the pride of place in Africa will not make us proud but be humbled in our existence because pride comes before a fall

Make us cherish fearless honesty

Being honest is the bane of every human and social relationship. The ability to be honest in freedom is very important to the Ghanaian existence

And help us to resist oppressors’ rule
With all our will and might forever more

It is important that every person deals with their demons and in the same way the nation also as a collective deal with its demons. In this case we don’t only mean foreign oppressors but also the minority social few who lord it over the others. Resisting them can take various forms and this we have to do as a collective with everything we’ve got.

Long Live Ghana!



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