Social Media Meet ups!

Image  In these modern times when communication is more electronic via technological systems, face to face communication is becoming a thing of the past. It is gradually becoming obsolete and with it the traditional values and social etiquette that were attached to it.

You wonder why I mention traditional values. Well, we are Africans finding ourselves in a cosmopolitan world. Africans have an innate value sensibility such as respect for elders, care for a larger family, selflessness, etc because of our belief systems.

 But we are gradually losing all this because of the cosmopolitan world we find ourselves in with the rest of the world, of which advanced technology is a major part.

Some theorists have even posited that educated Africans who want to be abreast with the times have to be Afropolitan – a perfect blend of African nature within the cosmopolitan concept. But that is discussion for another platform and another day.

Every user of social media is assumed to be educated or discerning enough to at least know what it involves and have the ability and means to use it. Social media has its ups and downs. People use social media for all sorts of reasons especially since it’s easy to relate and check up on friends and acquaintances they hitherto did not know their whereabouts. Some people find it easier to create events on social media and get to estimate and plan for them knowing how many people will be making it to the event or function.

 Human beings have always needed close contact for various reasons if even to compete with each other among other things. Men will always excel at what they do one way or the other because they always have another man as a yardstick, and women will always want to meet up to see latest trends, who’s driving what and sleeping with whom.

This is not to say that competition is bad, don’t get me wrong. I am not setting the stage for conflicts but setting the stage for the need and importance for group meet – ups especially within social media and its ability to foster stronger friendships not only in the e-community but also in real life.

Meeting in the real world, I consider important because it is when folks in the e-community metamorphose into real life people that can relate to each other.

 There have been countless instances when the person behind the keyboard have had an entirely different personality than in real life and here I can make reference to my dearest internet nemesis and arch-teaser and friend Dzamesi Selorm who I affectionately call The Hercules. Dude is a quietest shyest person in person but online he’ll take on anybody when he’s behind a PC.

But I have come to love these guys and respect them a lot for who they are. They are fun loving people who will be in the middle of the fray with everybody else sharing ideas and joining in the fun.

There have been countless cases of internet fraudsters who hide behind computer persona to defraud unsuspecting folks male or female by picking on their victims’ particular interests.

Knowing who is on the other end of the keyboard always makes for mutual respect. It’s not the internet profile of the person you have in mind, but the real person, his sensibilities and this fosters the kind of friendship you share with the person and invariably minimizes the conflict within the society.

 You know you are talking to a real person and since you have met the person, you understand how best to relate to the person’s sensibilities and how far you can go with such a person.

Group meet-ups are therefore important to foster peace and unity thus reducing conflicts in an e-community.

They further help foster wonderful relationships with real people and not abstracts as shown by the personality profile provided by the person.

There is no way i can adequately deal with a topic like this but i know that this article serves as a foundation for starting the debate and pointing out the relevance of meet ups and more personal contact among members of social media groups to ferment relationships and minimize conflict.

Let us keep talking more and have fun in whatever e-community, media or social platform we find ourselves in.

Like i always say, it begins with you !


*Thinking Aloud



One Response to “Social Media Meet ups!”

  1. Salomey Abraham Says:

    True talk…………the face behind the words.

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