Bored! Amidst Activity!

With so many programs to attend in Accra here I am sitting in a hotel bar in Sunyani on the auspices of the wife and bored out of my wits. I keep playing in my head what I would have been doing in Accra at this time if I was there. There is the twin (male and female) wedding of the Abbans, one maintains the Abban name, the other gives it up for her husband’s name. There is also the matter of the Chale Wote Street Art Festival that will go on for two days only this year. Then there is the crazy rave Roll Call at the Aviation Social Centre where most of my Party Crew will be representing. What about the Homowo festival today of the people of Teshie?  Oh! Lest I forget, there is also the Spoken word at Sistris Bookshop in Osu. Eish! Me alone ad3n! But that’s the life of a crazy social being – Me.

For the first time in seven years, I am also missing the Cape Coast Fetu Afahye festival which has always been a working trip for me helping orientate students from California into the system as they study abroad in Ghana. I have also always managed to have fun alongside and keep my Saturdays open for the sports festival especially basketball that happens the whole day at the University of Cape Coast sports arena.

Well it’s a good thing I am bored because otherwise I will be confused. There is a wedding party going on in the premises and I’m sitting here all alone having planned to gatecrash it. But what is the motivation? There are not enough fine girls at the wedding reception to warrant me wearing my ironed clothes and sitting among the crowd. The girls walk up the flight of stairs and by the time they get to the second floor of the reception they have lost their heels in favor of slippers. This will not happen in Accra.

As I told a friend of mine on another social media platform the wedding is full of old ladies, wannabe high school swag boys and loads of broilers. Being sapiosexual, finding a girl I can talk to will be like finding a nail in a barn in a motley crowd like this. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some but it will take too much effort to find them especially since most people are keeping to themselves.

There is a pool table and everybody keeps coming to the pool table. The cue balls are intact but the cue stick itself and the table leaves much to be desired. I have been in this hotel for how many hours and one look at the table and I have steered clear of it. Boys and girls who think playing pool is the in thing just gravitate to the pool table. And the way some girls are holding the cue stick *wink wink (nutty thoughts)

I can see the difference between those who came from Accra to attend the wedding and the local inhabitants. The folk from Accra have this swag that even though it is misplaced and misguided they carry themselves above the rest of the people. It is so obvious. The girls are the ones who will wear the heels the whole flight of four stairs and not flinch. The guys carry their iPads and have their heads buried in whatsapp messages until somebody tries to draw their attention. It’s obvious they would rather be somewhere else. Makes me ask the question if this was a wedding reception in Accra, would the attitudes be the same? Nobody will alert you that the girls want to get your attention with the kinda clothes they are wearing.

Well the wedding party is almost over (the married couple just left) and now the guy at the bar slots in his latest hottest music and is playing. Let me get back to soaking it in and dancing behind my computer in my chair.

No Long Tin!


Eish! people are carrying banku (local dish) wrapped in polythene bags take-away oh!



#NuttyAdventures in Sunyani


One Response to “Bored! Amidst Activity!”

  1. Salomey Abraham Says:

    what a wedding.hahahaha

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