Judgement Day!

I find myself in a town where random holidays are taken whenever rain clouds form.

The judgment day came and went away like the rapture. As usual journalists in Ghana were all over the place and there was a media blitz for peace to prevail in the round up to the judgment of the highest court of the land with regards to the election petition case.

Many panic buttons were pushed and the inhabitants of some parts of the country had various interpretations into the judgment day. Let me try to get into a few of those interpretations as I came across in Tamale.

At my workplace, some people were called to Accra to do biometric registrations and one of the persons who wasn’t called came to my office in confidence that he wanted to talk to me. The surreptitious manner in which he approached and entered the office got my antennae working at full alert.

He had heard a rumor that those who had been summoned to Accra to do the biometric registration were the legitimate workers of the organization and that after the judgment, the rest of us who weren’t summoned will be laid off.

This is a national organization and thirty six people from the whole of the region had been summoned. Could this 36 people do the work of the whole organization in the whole of the region?

I was dumbfounded how someone could come up with a theory like that. Moreover didn’t he realize that I also hadn’t been summoned to Accra?

Another interpretation is that when the judgment was pronounced, Nana Akufo Addo will become president of Ghana and he was going to put John Mahama in prison for usurping his office.

This meant that all the Mahama supporters in the northern region were going to be thrown into jail alongside their leader. So on the day of the judgment, a circular went round that nobody should wear any government agency tee shirt or paraphernalia with government agencies boldly emblazoned on them.

I found this quite astounding as to whether these organizations were government organizations and even if Akufo Addo took over he will be taking over the national patriotic party or take over the government of Ghana of which these various organizations fell under.

Finally in the most bizarre of incidents, my shoemaker who I have paid in full till the end of the year to produce for me one shoe every month calls me on Wednesday evening, prior to the judgment day on Thursday, to come for all the shoes he’s made for me and take my ‘balance’ on any shoes he hadn’t made if I didn’t and couldn’t choose any of the shoes he had already made in his shop.

The man hardly ever calls me but on this day he was insistent and said he will wait for me even if it was ten pm at night to come see him before he leaves his shop. This is a man who closes shop at 7pm and won’t stay open for anything.

His reason? He didn’t know what will happen after the judgment and he was putting his house in order. After several calls, I had to tell him to just go home and if anything happened, it was my loss.

Sometimes I just can’t understand these people and the way their mind works. These are a people who when you are driving will not heed to the car horns when they walk in the middle of the street.

But Oh! Let there be rain clouds and the whole town goes into panic stations. People run helter-skelter in a panic to get to their homes.

It is not even a case of finding shelter; they want to get to their own homes. Hitherto where taxis take five people, when there are rain clouds there are no taxis at the station and people will allow themselves to cram in groups of seven – two in front, five at the back. And nobody complains.

There are usually no taxis in the station because the taxis are not even allowed to get to the station as passengers waylay the cars even before they get there.

Cloudy days are the only days that people struggle for commercial cars in Tamale and others also stand by the roadside begging for lifts in the general direction of their homes.

The total chaos is pretty evident in the rush of motorbikes and bicycles and any form of transport rushing to get home. It is just amazing that accidents hardly happen at times like these.

The whole idea is to get indoors before the rains start. So you can imagine what it is like when it is raining. The whole metropolis comes to a standstill. Not much movement and activity anywhere. Even in the market most of the stalls are closed, shops closed and the banking halls are virtually empty.

So against this background imagine that the Friday after judgement day it rained from 5am in the morning. Already the judgment day had become an adhoc holiday where even in the major cities life had ground to a halt. My shoemaker amongst all the residents of Tamale and as pertained to the whole Ghana did not come to work on judgement day.

In Accra, there were signs of how the city could look like a weekend on a week day and most people have not seen the city like that in many years because of the overcrowding and traffic.

Rains on Friday in Tamale especially since it started in the wee hours of the morning meant that it was not worth getting out of bed to even think about work. The whole town was at a standstill for two days. A friend of mine at the Tamale branch of a busy bank relays that only 5 people came into the banking hall the whole day Friday and on Thursday only 6 people.

What it invariably means is that even on judgment day, the number of people in the bank exceeded the day of the rain by one person.

Tamale people just do not go out in the rain and especially on a Friday where officially the town thrives on half day because of Muslim prayers in the afternoon.

Living in a community like this is sometimes fun and sometimes difficult. It takes understanding the mindset of the people and the cultural systems that form this mindset.

The community is quickly developing especially with the fast influx of more southerners, like me, coming to settle and doing business in Tamale.

This I believe will also speed up the development of the savannah region as it is part of the government policy in the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) program.

Ghana my Motherland!
Long live Ghana!



2 Responses to “Judgement Day!”

  1. Salomey Abraham Says:

    hahahahaha..great piece hahahaha #theshoemaker thought hahahaha nutcase

  2. I Believe That The Judgement Day Is Coming Soon And The Return
    Of The Lord Jesus Christ Is Approaching The End Of The Present A
    ge And Doomsday Clock Is Ticking And The Final Countdown To R
    apture And The Battle Of Armageddon!

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