Letters to Kpakpo

Dear Friends,

my deepest appreciation to you for your support in this blog and the various articles that are shared here.

with regards to the Tamale Chronicles, i have become aware that Inasmuch as I discuss issues here using my experiences from Tamale, I realize some of the fun is lost in the formal discussion in an effort to draw attention to the marginalization of the north and its recent speedy development.

i have therefore deemed it necessary (with your kind permission of course) to start another blog to deal with the letters. these will be more informal essays on various experiences and issues as and when they have happened, are happening or have happened.

articles will still be published on both blogs.

LettersToKpapko.wordpress.com  seeks to narrate incidents of everyday life in the savannah as relatively compared to city life. so please keep an eye on both blogs.

Nii Kpakpo is an actual person and a cousin to my twin. Most Ghanaians will remember him as GAVET from one of the major Telcos adverts of a certain period in Ghana . He is an open minded social critic himself and these letters are to sensitize various people using him as a conduit.

The fun part is that he has agreed to at a point in time reply to as many letters as possible and i am also looking forward to his replies.

Please let’s enjoy the letters and feel free to make comments.

Thank you very much for coming along on this journey.

After all, this is our contribution to a better Ghana.

Ghana our Motherland!

Like i always say, it begins with YOU!!



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