Road Safety

So in other news the National Road Safety Campaign has started in earnest in the Tamale Metropolis.

Residents woke up this morning to see members of most of the security and armed services on the streets of Tamale as early as 6am. Obviously the joint operations was to enhance the man power and human resources for the exercise.

On every street corner and junction, members of the various security services, including customs, fire service, ghana police and army personnel, checked not only the road worthiness of cars but also of motorcycles and their appropriate safety measures.

Motorists were warned not to flout the laws and were admonished that today was just a warning but offenders will be arrested when they flout the laws.

this has been awe exercise long overdue and it is in the right direction if the motives for the exercise are adhered to and the personnel stick to their duties.

it is also up to the citizens and residents and road users to cooperate. Such initiatives go a long way to check the carnage on our roads.

Long live Ghana our motherland.


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