Ghana Police?


In recent times the Ghana Police have come into the limelight especially due to the housing units from the STX which fell down the drain. Interestingly I will not delve into the deal because even with my non expert eyes the deal and proposal looked flawed from the beginning. The deal proposed that they will bring in most of their own materials for the building of the housing units whilst Ghana had to guarantee for the money that was to be used to build the housing units too.

Why did we have to contract the building of these housing units to foreigners when we could just have used local resources?

But that is for another day.

Even after that the single spine for the Ghana Police every Ghanaian thought that the carnage and extortion on our streets was going to end. But what do we see nowadays. With the single spine salary structure for the police the only thing it meant is that the one Ghana is now too small and since they are already making that much money, you have to give them more to salve their issues and let you go free.

It has come to my notice however that the Ghana Police just really have no time to waste and when you show signs of going to court with them and they realize that you are a stubborn culprit, they know it’s a waste of time so they let you go.

Like seriously, I find it embarrassing that the Ghana Police commits atrocities even to foreigners and give the whole of Ghana and Africa a bad name.

The story is told of a colleague of mine whose sister came to Ghana from Belgium and got molested by the Ghana Police on the very first night of arrival when she had been picked up from the airport.

This is a woman who has never been to Africa and the stories the news media have fed them especially in Europe about Africa were bad. Her sister convinces her that Ghana is a peaceful country and that the rule of law is paramount in the country.

She is happy to come to Africa for the first time and comes to Ghana only for them to be stopped at this late night barrier and molested by the Ghana Police. All her money was taken from her and she and her brother in law who was driving were threatened for over three hours on end.

What is the difference between this incident and what we hear happens to black people in the United States and elsewhere? Now the very people who are to serve and protect now harass people in the name of the law.

I also realized that some of the police are not well versed in the law (they only know it’s an offense) and as such will not stop seemingly intellectual people. This is because with more and more officers taking academia themselves, it is likely that you might stop a ‘big man’s’ mate and you will get a query or lose your uniform.

My own experiences have been intentionally taken out of this write up because if I should start, then this would not come to an end. One particular day I was stopped by four different police men on random checks whilst I was driving and even on the motorway.

The interesting thing is that the final time I was almost strip searched I was tweeting and I tweeted all about it. My friends said that I was crazy that the police was searching me and I was tweeting.

But that is me, always online.

Let us take for example a simple journey to Takoradi on a Saturday morning can be made in eight hours instead of five because almost every fifty miles you should trust to get a police road check. I wonder if you need that many on a simple stretch of road. What is wrong with our police force?

My question is if they sticking to their motto to provide service with integrity.

This is not to totally bash the Ghana Police force. I have made many friends in the police force and they assure me that the bad nuts will all be weeded out.

The police are doing good work in many aspects especially when it comes to armed robbery and larger crimes and trying hard to keep our streets safe. They can’t do it all and like they always say they need us the citizens to help out.

Well I rest my case.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!!


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