Legion Day


Today, 11th November, marked the day in remembrance of fallen soldiers in the various wars of this world. Men who gave their lives so me and you can enjoy the kind of freedoms we enjoy today.

This occasion, which has come to be known as Poppy Day is observed in memory of those who lost their lives in the two world wars and in conflicts around the world.

On Monday 11 November 2013, the 68th Remembrance Day Anniversary was observed by almost all Commonwealth countries, some Non-Commonwealth States, a cross section of international organisations, groups and individuals. The day is marked with parades, memorial services and wreath-laying ceremonies.

Tamale also marked the day with a parade at the Legion Square where there is a statue of the unknown soldier.

The day is marked as important observance because at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the guns fell silent on the Western Front for the first time after 4 years of continuous war. The day also signified the signing of the Armistice between Germany on one hand and the alliance of Britain, France and Russia on the other hand.

In view of this, 11th November was initially referred to as Armistice Day until after the Second World War when it was renamed Remembrance Day; in honour of all those who lost their lives in the two world wars and other conflicts around the world.

However, in recent times, in typical fashion of not honoring our heroes, these veterans have been neglected to fend for themselves and they go through hardships. A recent story carried on MyJoyOnline indicates that most of these veterans regret even fighting for Ghana.

The war survivors, some of whom are bed-ridden, accuse government and society of neglect. The veterans claim their only source of income is the symbolic artificial poppies sold by the Veteran Association of Ghana to support members’ welfare.

The veterans also lamented on being heroes on paper, to have survived the war, but that they didn’t feel like heroes because they weren’t treated like heroes in their daily lives after their return. Veterans of the Legion have been known to struggle for food, accommodation and no healthcare provision is made for them. They are therefore old and weak.

These are men who fought for the safety, peace and democracy we enjoy today and yet we leave our heroes to rot into oblivion whilst some of our leaders who weren’t even born then live in opulence?

It is high time we shed our mediocrity as a nation and a continent and pay homage and respect where is due. Our heroes need to rise from the doldrums of obscurity that we’ve placed them to the high pedestal of recognition. Let us not wait till one day in the year when we remember them and try to assuage our guilt fir neglecting them by making them present at a parade to honour them.

For me, it’s more like saying they exist only to be seen once a year – at the remembrance parade.

Proper measures should be taken in the care of these veterans and it is important that we all add our voices to their struggles. Let us make enough noise for attention to be drawn to these veterans and thief plight and somehow the policy makers will take note.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!


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  1. wooowww…an eye opener.

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