Best Wishes

So I get a call whilst eating my jollof breakfast and it’s this beautiful roommate of mine I had just seen off in a taxi to work.

She was in tears and couldn’t even talk.

At first I panicked because I thought somebody had died in our family. Lately there have been some scary bits of news, but God has been good and we have left it all to Him to let His Will be done in our lives.

So you can imagine my relief when she tells me it’s okay but it’s just tears of joy. Now it’s up to me to ask what she’s happy about.

My twin is a highly emotional person and sometimes I’m overwhelmed myself by her reaction to some things.

However this time her tears are justified. She has been too busy to open her Facebook page since Monday so she decided to just check on her social connections.

The first thing that jumped at her were the avalanche of messages that hit her smack in the face, of well wishers on her birthday a few days.

She is so ‘flabberwhelmed’ by all the well wishes and being caught under the avalanche, she burst into tears and called me to say her hands are shaking so much she can’t type so I should write on her wall to thank friends, family and all who wished her well on her birthday.

Thank each and everyone of you very much for making this strong woman break down in tears under an avalanche of love and well wishes.

God bless you all.

And to you Afia we say we love you and wish you all you wish for yourself.

Happy Birthday to my wife…


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