The Capital A-C-C-R-A

Every time I head down south to the capital I have fears and I dread what it is going to be like living even for a few days in the capital. Living somewhere else that is less stressful and in a more relaxed atmosphere has given rise to these misgivings that I shared in an earlier article on this blog Judge Dread.

After that article I have received calls to criticise me like I’m acting as if I haven’t lived in this situation for the most part of my life. Yes, living in Accra has become a situation for me and like I did in the other article I apologize if it hurts your sensibilities but that is how I feel. I still have the things I dread every time I’m in Accra.

Why would I not dread the capital when everybody you meet or talk seemingly wants to dash in on your fortune or misfortune whichever one they see. Definitely they will see something.

Oh! You think I’m being harsh in the city? Why would I not be when my new phone drops in a taxi and I realize it just when I get off the taxi and me and the taxi driver spot the phone on the seat at the same time and he intentionally sprees off. This is not an isolated case. Same thing happened to my friend Sena at National Theatre and driver sped off with her purse.

Do these driver thieves even consider the inconvenience they cause with such an action? Even when you offer them the same amount of money they were going to sell the phone for it back because your contacts are priceless. In Sena’s case, what happens to all her cards in her purrs because there is no way anybody can use any of those cards.

But why should we be surprised at these actions. They are only a means for these people to survive and why won’t it become the norm in the capital where the biggest crooks wear a thousand dollar suits, ride in tainted fully air-conditioned 4×4 cars and unfortunately make the laws of the land. Why won’t they pass an invisible and unwritten law of looting as much as is possible?

There are some good stuff in Accra that will never change and those are the things, albeit very rare I look forward to during my stay every time I’m in the capital. Like in the title of the movie, there are still ‘a few good men’ (and women) who abide by a seemingly extinct code of life and it’s refreshing just to know those people still exist when the majority of the people are in to cash in on your good or bad fortune.

The capital has become like life in the Serengeti – eat to be eaten and the higher you are up the food chain the safer and more your chances of survival. This time politics is the social climber. People with political connections are untouchables even if they are professional serial callers.

With this latent rains in Accra, I think maybe the Heavens is giving a sign that the sins are too much and the rain is washing some away. Why else would it be raining heavily only in Accra and it’s environs when even all the trees have been cut to make way for urban beautification.


So it’s back to Accra and the cacophony of hoarse voices on the radio and television stations – politicians during the day, prosperity revival preachers at night. I will try as much as possible to avoid as many as I can these few days and hope I find the good side if the capital.

But like they say, life in the capital is unavoidable so just like potholes in the capital you don’t dodge them all but rather you choose which ones to bump into.

Being back in rainy Accra is also a welcome relief from the dry winds and dusty roads of the savannah that doesn’t play well with my respiratory health.

I miss the sounds of the trotro mates shouting their destinations and heck I even miss their stale sweat shirts early in the morning. I definitely will make sure I take a lot of the capital in in these few days before I head back to ‘the bush’ (as many people like to think it is).

It feels good to be home to see the people, family and friends and I say akwaaba to myself.

First order of business is to get off this toilet cos the shit is running out.

See you around!


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