My Bank

It is amazing just sitting in the bank on a Monday morning and I can imagine how bankers dread the doors opening on a Monday after spending a maybe dull or fun weekend.

Mondays are arguably the busiest days of the week for bankers and I would want to say Fridays too. Weighing the two, I think the difference is that in Mondays people are paying in whilst on Friday they are taking out.

It is no secret that I dislike banks and as such avoid banks as much as I can. It is also no secret they unless it is absolutely necessary, Mondays have been declared as Lazy Mondays for me.

So here I find myself sitting in my bank and the reason being that my best friend wants some money and I have to send it into her account.

The long queue are first puts me off but I’m determined that this will be my first order of business or it won’t happen. If it doesn’t happen then my best friend is in trouble and that means no peace of mind for me.

Why is it the banks have to attach their pens to a thread and usually even the pens don’t work. But do you blame them? In a city where anybody will take anything of yours, even the most insignificant of things, precautions have to be taken. What am I saying?

Heck! I used to take the ink out of the biro just to prove that we could still steal the pen the bank had just for the fun of it. Well, that was a long time ago and it was youthful exuberance.

If banks weren’t crowded, where else do you expect the crowds apart from at the stadium or a concert.

I love the way that there is now competition in the banking industry and as such different banks are rolling out just to capture the market. I wolfed not bother to give examples of any of these promos to get people to save with a particular bank but walk to any ATM and the respective bank’s promos will be playing. Now we even have talking ATMs.

How far this world has come. From talking movies now we have talking ATMs.

Well, with the competition comes better service and easier banking methods. You can even do transactions from the comfort of your home or wherever you are provided you got internet connection.

As for those banks that are lagging behind, well it’s up to them because the works is not waiting.

I didn’t stay too long in the bank even though there was a long queue. I can say I’m impressed by Fidelity Bank, Lapaz Branch.

My bank indeed but they have their short falls too that I won’t outline here.


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