My 2013

I don’t particularly set new year resolutions but I’m just realizing that I set myself to do some stuff in various aspects of my life and whilst some have been achieved, I failed woefully at most others. Honestly, there isn’t much to celebrate for me in 2013 personally because whatever I have done this year has been carved out of laziness. I haven’t pushed myself as much as I would have loved to in getting any achievements so there is nothing much to be proud about.

The more significant things that I should have followed up to do I never really did and it was more like I didn’t care. Furthermore procrastination took the best part of my initiatives and now on the last days of the year, it still takes me an effort to write this piece because I’m still in bed.

How ironic!

I know people will be writing and expect to be reading of achievement and what they did best this past year. But for me, this is a heartfelt piece. The greatest achievement for me, at least I might have done something right, is to have you reading my blog now, either as a follower or you might have heard of the blog.

Thank you for the support!

The past year has been a very eventful year for me. Changed jobs, relocated to a new region, tried to acquire some property and best of all, just help as many people as I can in whatever way I can.

But as usual, all this was done with the lackadaisical attitude that comes with doing everything else and even though some results might have been achieved, they were not as personally fulfilling as I would have expected it to be. The long term effects of some of these projects have have long standing benefits to anybody who is connected to them and that is my legacy for 2013.

I have encouraged, helped and seen friends want to develop themselves especially in education. Education is the one thing I have not compromised on and even though as usual personally I have not strived harder to gain any more certificates (a certificate does not necessarily define who you are and what you are capable of doing), I have also not stimulated my brain enough this past year.

It s been a year of the comfort zone I should say.

With relation to health and fitness, like any other actions this year, it has been on and off. Knowing my conditions and living according to the dictates of my body has not been a strong point. However I haven’t also pushed for excellence in fitness either.

My relationship with my family has always been great. Parents and siblings have been supportive and I appreciate the modality (a word whose true meaning I learnt from my kid brother) that comes with stretching a helping hand when it was required. Sometimes I know people have been baffled at the sort of relationship we have as a family but I’m thankful to my parents for bringing us up the way they did – to be open to each other and know that we are the life support of each other.

If you can’t go to family for help and encouragement, where else can you go to?

Relations with external family however has been strained because of one thing or the other. African extended families are supposed to be the bedrock of development but then in recent times people have tended to abuse the existing communal systems as they are and this has led to a strain on the very foundations of the African belief system.

Hope to try more to be as Afropolitan as I have preached we should all be when it comes to my extended family ties.

The year 2013 took my love life to a new dimension that I have realised that the more years you spend with the person the more work you have to do to keep the relationship going. I had always taken it for granted that being in a relationship for years meant that you got to know the person much better and became more familiar with who and how they were.

How very wrong I was.

Everyday with the person you love should be a day you cherish and live it like it will never come back. Truly it will never come back and you have to make that loved one feel the love and not just keep saying it. Just as faith without works is useless, professing love without showing it is…….

Well, you complete that one.

The love of my life has been my pillar and my support and has encouraged me to do stuff that I didn’t even know I had it within me to do. From the very beginning, she had seen my potential when even I couldn’t see it. She has pushed, cajoled, bullied me into being a better person and i still feel like I’m a work in progress.

Thank God for her life. She is a wonderful woman.

Furthermore I have made some very interesting friends through social media and via blogging too. The BlogCamp was a springboard to meet other bloggers with common interests. On other social media especially on Facebook and Twitter, some friends have proved to almost be blood relations and it’s been a learning experience and fun throughout the year.

Every year I have set out to complete a personal project and in most years past, these projects have grown into a wider scale and some even going global. The past year has been a very lazy year because I didn’t set out to do any projects but to support them if the project handlers called for my support. There haven’t been too many and I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t really contribute that much to any of the projects I was part of this year even though most of them were a success.

With regards to my writing, you are my witnesses to the laziness that has characterised my writing process. Content has never been an issue with me but the willpower to just sit behind the PC and write has been lacking. You, dear reader, are my motivation.

I have written stuff that haven’t been of he quality that I would have wanted them to be and in others I have not researched well into the topics I have wanted to talked about thus leaving the arguments porous.

The year 2013 has seen the successful start up of another chapter in my writing with the Letters to Kpakpo talking about my adventures as I live in Tamale where I relocated to during the year. It had been fun so far.

I hope to write more and also attempt to get more traffic to my blog and that can also be done with your help as you recommend the blog sites to others. Thank you!

Well, there are many good things that also happened to me in the year I just can’t take credit for. Plenty just happened to me and I’m grateful to God and everybody who has been a part of my life in 2013.

May we remain closer in the coming year.

#Happy New Year.


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