Student Leadership in Legon via Karim

POINT ZERO…. (3.0)
Well it appears we have only Joshua Dogbey running for SRC president due to the failure of  his fellow aspirants to make the ‘3.0’ mark (at least that’s what I hear) and so it has become important for us to have this debate.

I have heard many say there’s absolutely no correlation between academic performance and leadership. Well I disagree partly to such a position. My point of disagreement comes especially when it is that the institution in question is an academic one. Such people proceed to make claims that the most outstanding of leaders notably the Ghandis, Confucius, Luther etc were not the best of students in their days – well I do not have knowledge of that so I won’t dispute it – But I believe such an argument misses the point.

It is obvious that when one wants to run for a public office, the question of academic performance doesn’t come up, so the difference here is that the University of Ghana is an academic institution and if one cannot have a mastery of his own academic performance then I am afraid we cannot allow such a person to lead.

That said, I believe it is absolutely important that we do not make it the sole requirement or better still make it too difficult a hurdle for people to climb. I believe the whole idea of this 3.0 requirement is to have our student leaders have some level of sound academic performance. Fair enough! And so this brings up the question of  “How do we determine good academic performance? If it’s only about who scores highest in the exam room, then I guess that’s unfortunate. But I believe that is a whole problem with our education system and I would saved that for another day.

Again I have heard some authorities say the 3.0 is basically to put students in good standing before they become leaders because the duty is burdensome and time consuming and for that reason most of them normally fail to graduate on time. Honestly such a concern is admirable but I disagree that’s the truth. .

The danger with such a position is that it is likely to undermine the relevance of the little positions and committees we sign up to in level 100 to prepare ourselves for the ultimate positions we so want to protect with 3.0, because what it seeks to imply is that, students should participate solely in academic work in the early levels just so he/she can get 3.0.  But that argument, am afraid doesn’t suffice.

There are those that even allege, the intention of the authorities with regard this whole 3.0 is to get us to a time when the most vociferous of students would have no interest in student leadership so that authorities can have a field day. Well it lies beyond the scope of this article to give a detailed expose on the plausibility or otherwise of this allegation. Nevertheless I believe their allegations are not entirely without merit though.

I am informed that prior to the implementation of new grading system that raised grade A from 70 to 80%, CGPA of 2.5 representing 2nd Class Upper was the benchmark for clearance to contest for various student positions. And I believe that given the upgrade in the current system, it is only reasonable that we maintain the 2nd Class Upper requirement and not make things unnecessarily strict.

I am of the view that this system should be reviewed and I’d entreat everybody to get involved and share ideas for the future of Student Leadership in the University of Ghana. For I fear that if this continues, a day when authorities would appoint their favorite puppet leaders for us would not be far.

Karim  (Alex Kwapong Hall)

About the Author

Ibrahim Abdul Karim is a Level 200 Sociology and Social Work student of the University of Ghana. He obviously has an interest in student leadership and with thoughts like this, I believe people like him are the future leaders with the nation’s interest at heart.
He can be contacted at


2 Responses to “Student Leadership in Legon via Karim”

  1. ibrahim abdul karim Says:

    the world is indeed a small world.
    I am the author of this piece. Surprised how you got this and my details as well.
    grateful for giving the piece a voice on your blog. Its unfortunate people outside legon may not really understand but such is the situation.
    Thank you. is my blog. I hope to get in touch.

    • You’re wrong. Student politics is the same everywhere and setting up high bars so some particular students can’t run is not exactly right.
      We can still talk more about this. I’m open to suggestions and leave the readers to make their own judgements

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