RIP Grandma Maya








Just give me a cool drink of water

I shall not be moved

A brave and startling truth


On the pulse of the morning

Mom and me and Mom

My painted house, my friend and me

Then we complete collected poems

Great food, all day long. Eat joyfully not healthy

Life doesn’t frighten me

Then we collect the autobiographies

Singing and swinging and getting merry like Christmas

A song flung up to Heaven

We gather together in My name


Mother a cradle to mold

Phenomenal woman

Mrs Flowers

Renee Marie of France

It is the heart of a woman

Maya’s world: Mikale of Hawaii

Maya’s World: Angelina of Italy

Maya world: Izal of Lapland

Now sheba sings the song


I know why the caged bird sings

Poems by Maya Angelou

Conversations with writers

Letter to my daughter

Even the stars look lonesome

But all God’s children need travelling shoes

Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now


And still I rise

Hallelujah the welcome table

Amazing Peace: a Christmas poem

Celebrations, rituals of peace and prayer

Oh pray my wings are gonna fit me well

Love’s Exquisite freedom

Kofi and his magic


you lived a life that blazed a path to creativity and inner soul searching not for the woman of African descent but also for the black race.

you taught us all not only to be women of substance but a race of substance.

you lived a life led with dignity, strength and a pride in who you are. 

a phenomenal woman

Rest in Peace!


RIP Dr Maya Angelou







2 Responses to “RIP Grandma Maya”

  1. Derrick Okpoti Charway Says:

    Excellent Piece of work. Well structured and mind piercing. I have read it before and reading it today, I still feel I am just reading it for the first time. Well done bro.

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