Dawn Musings

So I wake up this fine morning and I got myself thinking. Yes thinking, a very rare thing for me to do but lately since I’ve been in Accra for almost a fortnight I find myself doing that a lot.

So I’m thinking. What is wrong with this country? Where did we go wrong?

With all the resources available to us and the expertise (Yes even human resource especially) what happened to this nation and why did it get so bad?

I have a feeling I’m not the only one thinking this and there are others like me, awake in the dark on a cold morning bathed in their own sweat from a night of having no electricity.

Where did we go wrong?

When the dam was built it catered for the nation and we even exported the extra. Now the population has increased and we’ve added more people to the grid. When did we expect to add another source of electricity to the one our founder left as a legacy. It baffles me how previous governments have touted plans to expand it yet never did.

And then we discovered oil. Sometimes I wonder if the oil is a blessing or a curse.

If care is not taken we might pretty much end up like our neighbors Nigeria who produce high grade oil but still has fuel related problems. One is tempted to ask where all the money is going but you don’t ask questions you already got answers to until you want to be spat on in the face.  Tweaaa!!

Where did we go wrong? As a nation who forgets four years of suffering when items such as rice, chicken, vegetable cooking oil, money and tee shirts are flashed and sometimes distributed on in an election year to us. By the time these items are consumed and by products sent to Water Closet kingdom, we’re standing in line ready to thumb approve the givers another four year term of “service”.

What do you call it when mature educated men and women are being illogical and simply sycophantic when they have to explain very simple things in black and white that even children can understand.

What is the correlation between dwarfs and the falling cedi or how come mobile phones are now to blame for the deficiency in power supply because mobile phones use this much power? Furthermore how does a legislator justify calls for an increment in his salary because he has to organize funerals. Since when did our legislators become morticians?

Should I hold my head in shame as to the kind of people we put in leadership positions or the kind of leaders imposed on us by appointment?

Where did we go wrong as a nation when we have debts to pay our patriotic national workers we don’t but decide to spend that selfsame amount of money on greedy ingrates who are already millionaires in their own right so they can be comfortable and then expect that selfsame starving patriot to be in the stands shouting his support to this selfsame bad haircut millionaires whilst they go about a duty they should be proud of doing as nationalists but rather seems as if they’re doing the nation a favor by doing it.

So as I lie in my wetness, bathed in my own sweat, I’m thinking where did we go wrong with this nation. It will be a travesty if I should think further than I already have in this article because then I’d be depressed the whole day. I’d start almost justifying why the Ghana Police are so aggressive in Accra to make that extra bucks, why it seems everybody is in a money grabbing mode, why people will even sell their mothers for extra money, why you see a motorcade pass by and everybody just chuckles, why it’s only when they’re discussing the increase in their allowances that our legislators have their minds in tandem. It’s not a debate anymore.

It’s pretty obvious that there is a problem with leadership and policy and these 2 are central to whatever the problem is. Where did we go wrong as a nation? Are we not tired of hoping and praying it will get better?

We individuals make up the nation so it is important that we search ourselves and find out what we can do to correct the wrongs that we might have committed. 

Like I always say it begins with YOU!

Yes YOU!!


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