City Life in Retrospect

So I recently spent almost a month in the capital and I dare say, some of you have heard me say it several times, that I can’t ever live in Accra anymore. Not after relocating out of it for over a year.

Some of my friends think that I’ve only been out a year and I’m having unjustified feelings about the capital but ask even my parents and you’d realize that I’ve always known I wasn’t made to stay or live in the capital. I’ve always taken weekends away from the capital and also taken sight seeing and pleasure trips just so I could experience how life is different outside the capital.

I remember when some days I would just get out of my house and go to the Metro Mass station in Kaneshie and sit in the first bus that was almost full with a total disregard for its destination. Armed with my curiousity and a novel off I went. This is how I discovered the towns of Winneba and Swedru and what those towns held.

Did you know that dried fish costs cheaper in the Swedru market than at Winneba? When the fishing port is at Winneba?

Fast forward to nowadays. Young people in the capital are all chasing the bucks and there is no time for anything else. It has become a competition into who has the latest flashy car, the best contacts, most items in their rooms for comfort (everybody has a plasma screen now) and the prettiest girlfriends.

Even the sporting activities that we used to do for exercises have become competitive social gatherings to show off expensive jerseys and boots or sneakers latest released on the market. the focus is no more on the physical workout/ exercise.

Meanwhile work ethic is seemingly high and stressful. Talking to a few friends I made them realize the importance of checking their blood pressure constantly. Young people tend to assume that they are young and some diseases such as hypertension and blood pressure “is not their portion”.

But especially not when your diet is full of carbohydrates and fats and plenty sugar which needs to be converted to energy and when it doesn’t, becomes more fat clogging the arteries. Also not when you spend a considerable part of your day in traffic doing almost  nothing.

And then they try to take all these traditional medicine that are purported to ensure fitness but in actual fact only worsen the situation if not taken in proper doses.

Active outdoor sports have become less at a time when there is an increased intake in junk food high in cholesterol. Young people don’t see the need to eat fruits and nuts and even vegetables (only for animals they say). Computer games have replaced jogging and outdoor sports but we all know those don’t help in any exercise only task the brain some more.

Why do you think telenovelas and series have become a multi million dollar business because of the patronage. Accra has become super cosmopolitan and you’re considered backward if you don’t move with the times.

So you ask why young people are dying off like dead leaves nowadays? The answer lies in the lifestyle. We Africans are not built to be inactive and once we are chasing the corporate and cosmopolitanism with the rest of the world then we should also be prepared to also meet the mortality rate that comes with it.

We can have the lifestyle we want but let’s not forget we’re African and the body is built for action so it’s not only sex that will make a young person active but active involvement in a sport or a physical activity that speeds up the heart rate.

Invest in a good gym and stick to a strict diet regimen with vegetables and nuts. We’re lucky we are surrounded by all this naturally organic foods yet we buy food supplements from abroad when we could be taken the foods direct.

I have said my piece. I play sports four times a week and I’m watching what I eat (not seriously though).

It is never too late to start now. As for that work that you think puts food on your table and sponsors your active cosmopolitan lifestyle, when you get sick or die, you’d be replaced immediately. The work will go on.

We need to cultivate the mentality that health is wealth, cliche is it may sound, and like I always say

It begins with YOU!



9 Responses to “City Life in Retrospect”

  1. Nana-Aqwea Bruce Says:

    Nice piece

  2. Nice piece Kofi. To throw more light with reference to telenovelas, I learnt that now for you to even get to win some type of girls, you’ll have to have knowledge of at least two of any current or running ones to spice up the conversation else you are out and might loose the opportunity of her becoming your girlfriend.
    For the exercise, that’s good advice…I think I should find a sport to do now. Recommend!!

    • That has always been the trend. I remember when the first one started way back in the millennium year (remember Acapulco Bay?) you could only see a gal after the program ended or you watched it together with her before going out on a date.
      The trick is to follow the trend and ask relevant questions. They all have a one track story line and when you get the hang of it, it’s easy to weave it into a conversation.

      As for the sport, find one that you enjoy or have the passion for. I know a guy who goes for walls every morning in a residential area and his motivation is that he gets to say hello to all the pretty gals in his neighborhood …
      Imagine that!

  3. Well said my brother.. I’m wondering though, how do we possible stay the same when we find ourselves in an environment that’s changing rapidly?? If u don’t change with the times, then u don’t just get left behind, u also risk becoming stagnated n irrelevant. My thoughts..

  4. Well said my brother.. I’m wondering though, how do we possible stay the same when we find ourselves in an environment that’s changing rapidly?? If u don’t change with the times, then u don’t just get left behind, u also risk becoming stagnated n irrelevant. My thoughts..

    • That’s exactly why you need to carve a niche for yourself and when everything changes around you, in your case you be the change. Because you control that change.
      Change is good.

  5. Interesting read. 🙂

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