Prep School Mental

When we were growing up we woke up at 4am, did our chores, tuned in to GBC Radio to listen to Everyday English and take notes. Then you headed off to school to answer questions from your English teacher on what you learnt from the program and you know some whipping was guaranteed. If you passed that then you moved on to the next class which was the mental. You closed from school and then went straight home.

Fast forward to kids of today. They’re on whatsapp/BBM at 11pm, wake up at 4am to continue IM chats and mostly communicate in shorthand, shoot sex tape videos, congregate at the mall at weekends with chums and groping gal friends whilst smoking cigarettes openly. They understand street English more than official English.

These two paragraphs with a little emphasis from me was the reflective post of one of the most witty social commentators I know Kofi Obirinkorang and had his friends commenting on the post.

One comment in particular caught my attention and inspired this article:
“I went the mall on one holiday and saw about 2,000 high school kids – all of them sporting skinny jeans, checkered shirts, ankle high trainers, ray ban-ish specs, and fitted hats…shocked I didn’t know it was the current trend….I was like “Damn I’m old”.

With regards to what went wrong a commentator made this point:
“When we were growing up, training us right was the focus of our parents’ lives since we were supposed to be a reflection of who they were as people. Nowadays our wealth and academic laurels plus societal standing have become a reflection of who we are as people instead of our kids so we strive for all these forgetting to train up our kids right hence the decay in their morals.”

This was also in support of the above statement:
“True we got naughty and lazy along the way when growing up but because we had a strong foundation. ..certain values stayed with some of us and once we went past the naughty and lazy stage. .. we excel in so many areas it’s amazing. ..
It made first and second degrees become like a stroll in the park”

There two comments epitomize the responsibility of parents in bringing up their children instead of passing the puck to teachers and we can attest first hand to the calibre and dedication of some teachers of today.

Technology It’s said is partly to blame for this anomaly. As posited in his post the mobile craze has hit the current generation hard.

“..Technology came with all these things we see. The best you watch then was Bop TV and akan drama et al. Now they are watching all these series laced with so much sexual stuff and an open invitation to learn about gay stuff. It is pretty sad. The dynamics changed.”

Okay so picture how I was brought up against the backdrop of all you’ve been reading so far.

Every other day after assembly we marched into class and teacher waited for us to be seated. “Take out your mental exercise books. Start work!”

This is even before he starts writing the 20 questions on the board.
When he was done, he walked back to his desk, picked up his cane and shouted STOP WORK!

We passed the books forward and exchanged it among the rows for marking. You took your book back and then the action began.

With “Class Stand!!” The whole class stood up and teacher started from the top 20/20 sit down. Everybody standing got 2 lashes each.
Then 19/20, 2 more lashes
Then 18/20, 2 more lashes
Then 17/20,2 more lashes
  – All the way to 0/20.
Now imagine if you got low marks every time.

After this the day proper started.

With all this you went home thinking of what was going to happen the next day. How would you not grow up with the ability to think on your feet when it matters most.

In this day, parents will call that child abuse.  Capital punishment doesn’t exist in schools anymore and there were some calls for it to be reinstated in the education system at the recent Tamale Forum. It has gradually become almost impossible to control growing children.

What do we expect with regards to morality in our society when the children of the high profile in the society are the ones having open air sex and recording it (beats my mind why they do that) and then leaking these videos all over social media.

It’s petty high time our generation took it upon ourselves to mentor these young ones, at least those willing to learn, to be better future leaders because the rate at which we’re going is fast going beyond alarming.

Various non governmental organizations (got my own problems with those) and foundations are doing their best such as Ghana Think with its BarCamp, JuniorCamp and other social media forums that delve into such issues and topics. But it’s never enough if we all don’t put our hands on the till.

One person can make a change one person at a time and like I always say,  it begins with YOU!! 



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