Genetically Home

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

I am back in Tamale after attending a workshop for journalists on how to report on genetically modified foods and organisms.  The workshop was a good one and I won’t bore you with details of it but I can confidently say there is a lot of misconception about these foods until we attended this workshop.

The anti GMOs have put arguments that sound pretty true but they are farce. Going online I realize that images of needles being put in fruit, etc were just false because genetic modification deals with the genes of plants and there hasn’t been animal testing yet in Africa.

Farmers have been practicing cross breeding in plants for years and thus using the theories of natural selection to produce more yields. So I wonder why that is now that science is using it to specifically identify how to go about it now people want to go against it. Well, for me this workshop showed me it is for the benefit of the farmers and more efficient effective yields.

So I’m back in town with my friends who joined me from Kumasi and Accra. Thankfully I’m glad these letters are making an impact and they are curious to see what my town is like.

I love it when I get to act the host.

So let me get back to showing my guests around and I’ll be telling you all about the fun stuff soon.

Keep safe.

Your Cousin in Law,
Savannah Boy


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