Mentally Green


Ghana landscape

Recently it has become kind of fashionable for people in high society to be associated with green issues. Interestingly some people haven’t even grabbed the green concept and this is especially true of Africa.

Various organizations have sprung up to deal with the fast paced global environmental degradation and global warming which is precipitated by human actions. Our environment is at peril and yet people turn a blind eye at it.

So I took a road trip from Tamale all the way to the border town of Paga and the lush greenery on the side of the road is one just for the eyes. Later took another trip to the Volta region border town of Aflao to the same effect.

There is a large expanse of land on the sides of the road throughout the drive and I found myself not only praising the Maker of the Universe but also being fortunate that this is the savanna and there are not visible trees to pick by loggers.

This year I have traveled extensively all over the country and I can attest that green is beautiful. It’s very important that the way we see the greens physically is what we strive for to keep it that way. Now it’s hardly a sight to see any green when in the urban areas especially in the capital. Have stood on some high rise buildings and all you see for miles around is corrugated roofs and glass.

Where are the green parks and gardens that are supposed to be part of the landscape of the capital city?


Dawn on Sogakope bridge

Well, it’s all up to us as individuals to just have the mental attitude to keep the environment green. This we can all do by keeping abreast with whatever schemes exist to protect the environment.  A clean environment means a healthy people.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!!


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