Children’s Library


When I took this picture it was on the eve of the national political elections to elect a leader of government and his able lawmakers parliamentarians. They were supposed to make policies for this country in various regards. I captioned the photo vote wisely to get her a library to study in.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this picture is saying a thousand and one.words especially four years down the line after all the promises made to us as citizens, our children have to sit opposite a public toilet with one leg inside a gutter to be able to read after school hours when they want to.

This article is not about getting political but rather it is about us as individuals realizing that the time has come to get up and make a difference wherever we find ourselves.

The savanna accelerated development plan (whatever that was) landed flat on its face. How can we have an accelerated development without recourse to prioritizing education. Well, I’m no politician and that’s really none of my business.

Education is so important in the modern scheme of globalization that it seems the only people not taking it that serious is Africans. I might be making a lot of conjecture here but looking at the relative focus in education on other continents we seem to be lagging behind and we still have a lot to learn and catch up on.

It is for this reason that some friends of mine have taken it up upon ourselves to do our bit in raising the education standards in the northern region.  We don’t know if we can but at least we can try.

To this effect we are targeting children between the ages of 5 to 15 years to inculcate the habit of reading into them.


We believe that a child who reads will be an adult who thinks and moreover reading opens a whole new world of opportunity and possibilities to children.

We have therefore declared November as #BookCollectionMonth with the target of collecting 1000 children’s books to be donated to the Tamale Children’s library.

Yes! The time to act is NOW! and we are not waiting for any government to come help us out with this. We can do this on our own as concerned citizens to raise awareness that reading is important to children and education is important to national development.

We are not encouraging stealing of books from the library but we want to fill the shelves of the library so that when children even take books from the library we know it’s because they want to read them.

There is a bigger project which would involve providing children in Tamale and Tema not only with reading material but general studying tools so children can study on their own. Program also involves periodic reading sessions to the children at various locations in various communities using the regional library mobile van. This will ensure that the programs we have set into motion are sustained over a period of time.


Inculcating reading habits into children is serious objective for us and we want to see it through. We are counting on you to support us see this through.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!!

Let’s do this!


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  1. Your kindness shows. Great work there.

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    Imparting knowledge, this kind blogger thinks of education for all and works at it.

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