This is Ghana

What’s happening in this country of ours? Where are we really headed as a nation? Is it intentional that a few people are deliberately making the country hard for the rest of the populace – by their actions or rather inactions??

These are the thoughts that run through my mind as I sit in the dark room with only the lights from the tablet I’m typing on providing the sole source of light.  Earlier this evening a friend of mine asked me a question that has provided the impetus to this brooding mood. With all the professionals we have in Ghana and all these resources why are we suffering as a nation?

If we were to take topical issues I’m sure I won’t be able to exhaust even two of the issues so I’ll lump it all in bulk and try not to generalize.

Ghana is blessed with so much resource especially in human resource but what happens to the use of this most important resource and what hinders it’s application. We find politicking, cronyism, favoritism in every facet of the government machinery. We end up putting square pegs in round holes. 

Did I talk about the kickbacks expected for favors granted?

Politicians in this country are the only ones not feeling the pinch because their salaries and kickbacks come on a regular and failure to keep up with payments means you’re getting into their bad books at your own peril. They are the current demigods in Africa.

Is it so surprising that they got supporters who’d defend anything they do for some crumbs from their tables. Oh! The serial callers are now not hiding anymore. They have now become celebrities who are proud of what they do.

Have you forgotten the loading boys at the lorry stations. How is that even a profession that a grown man will shout for passengers to fill a car with passengers and expect a payment, not a token fee anymore. I’ve seen instances where the “loading boys” were not even around but when car fills up appear from nowhere and demand the token fee which has ensued in a scuffle usually between the driver’s mate and the said “loader”.

Almost everybody in Ghana now is feeling the pinch of a better Ghana as the ruling political party said it will be. I’ve heard a joke in circulation that the political leadership of Ghana should just give us back our default Ghana and keep their better Ghana that they so touted they were going to serve the people with. 

But I’m not laughing.  Am I?

The people in the urban centres are complaining about cost of living and how basic amenities are even not available yet they LSD taxed for them. Electricity and water tariffs are high when the services are not even available. What a country.

Meanwhile the astute politician is canvassing for votes in the hinterland where he knows his real votes lie. The people in the city can complain all they want but the real backers to keep him in the new seats of Parliament house for longer are in the hinterland. That’s is why he will provide their needs once in a while and when its election season pull out all the stops for them.

The urban dweller can sit on radio and talk all he wants, he can rave and rant when he calls radio and television stations he can go on as many demonstrations as he wants, let him comment on his drains not being effective hence flooding, the filth in town and many other things in Ghana. Let him complain about high school bills, exhorbitant mortgages, lack of transport, high fuel prices but at the end of the day these same politicians are exempt from all this since by virtue of their position as “servants of the people” they enjoy some perks.

All from the money you pay as tax. Wow!

Well, it’s been said that the shortest cut to being rich and comfortable in life in Africa is to be a politician. But at least our politicians should think of future generations too when they are signing contracts and making legislature.

Recently it looks like they only make decisions based on what they are getting at the moment.  There seems to be a growing trend that our people lack reading and this goes all the way to the top. Our leaders are not reading the fine print of documents and as such listening to what others are saying especially the lobbyists, instead of reading for themselves and finding viability.

It’s a shame really.

At the end of the day I personally think the government can not do everything for us as a nation and as individuals we should find ways to grow as a person. Development is not about seeing skyscrapers, good first class roads, living in a glass house but rather development is in.building the individual self.

To those Ghanaians doing their bit to make Ghana proud and raising the flag high (not like some people we represent us and they only take our money and mock us) I say kudos to you.

This is Ghana my motherland.

I love this country.

It’s important that even though times are hard we do our best to develop ourselves as individuals and it’s only that way that it will be better for us all.

Like I always say
It begins with YOU!!


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