College Blues

So recently a young upcoming and very talented blogger has invited me to be a guest blogger on her blog writing on daily life in college, the joys and challenges.
Check her out on
Below is my first article for her blog.

We all look forward to entering the university. Right from the day we start graduating any level of education, we’re filled with grand ideas of how we will one day enter the highest education institution and get a degree.

But interestingly nobody thinks about what it really takes to go through that four years of college before we graduate. The exams, the friendships, the fun, the anguish, the lectures and all the nitty gritty that comes with college life.

Did I mention the prestige of being a college student?

Being in college is a privilege and for some of us it was the ultimate.

My host blogger has an article about remedial exams being a fad nowadays and thus making learning quite substandard in this country. But back then when you went for remedial exams it was painful seeing your classmates get on ahead and leave you behind. Once they were gone, there was hardly any way of catching p.

Imagine you waiting to do remedial and your mates went on to the university.  They came back with a whole new set of vocabulary such as FUE, October Rush, intɛ and extɛ, attending lectures and sleeping in halls (not dormitories), and life on campus.

You felt left out and couldn’t wait to also go to the university. 

Oh! And there were instances when your gal went to college you could just forget about her. No need to even bother if she wanted you back. She moved on.

But I’ve been tasked to compare what college was like back then to what it is like nowadays. Based on my experience on both sides of the spectrum, that is to say being a student and a teacher, college life has morphed into what we see in the western movies and especially the negative aspects of partying, the drugs and loose moral behavior and the social degradation that is  characteristic of western college education.

Too much English.

The education in Ghana now is deficient in many ways because the individual is not allowed to develop individual thought and the teacher shapes the thought of the student. Students have therefore become lazy; handouts and the chew and pour method have not helped out one bit. Maybe it’s the numbers or maybe it’s that too many people only want to be associated with having a degree and not the hardwork that comes with it. 

Students worry too much about their grades and will do anything so their grades are right so they can in turn graduate with a good class.

Now talking about doing anything to get grades, that I’m sure is not new to you.  Students know exactly which lecturers to go to and where they meet up to do sordid deeds.  Back in the day when it was lecturers propositioning students for indecent favors, nowadays it is the students who brazenly walk up to the lecturers and suggest that they will “do anything” to pass a course. It is easier to just get the grades than to go through college.

College education nowadays have lost the main focus of what they are about; which is to get an education and has shifted to the partying, the flash, the Glam, the socialite jet set life as seen in western movies. Every weekend there are posters all over campus of night beach parties, drink ups, some shindig somewhere which gets students thinking about it all week and not focusing on the main reason they are in college in the first place  – studying.

The sad part is that the students who manage to stay focused and have their head screwed on straight are called all sorts of names and labelled antisocial by their colleagues and peers. You become a very unpopular person because you came to college to study and will not indulge in the decadent debauchery that is going on.

It’s been one rant after another on college life and I’m sure you’re asking what’s the point. Well, I think the individual has to decide for himself (or herself) what they want to attain from college.

Oh Yes! College is the one place where you can get high praise for being the worst sinner and ridiculed for being the best saint or vice versa.  It is a ride or die terrain and most young people do not recognize that until it is too late.

One needs to ask yourself whether your lifestyle in college is worth the exhorbitant fees paid by whoever pays the bills – tuition /hostel /provisions and books – and what you’re gonna achieve by the time you graduate from college.

It is important to also know that college is the one place where EVERY adult experiment can be done without dire consequences as would the world outside college.

Don’t get me wrong. For every action there is a consequence but in college there are a whole lot of stuff that one can get away with that one will hardly get away with in the real world with life after college. Maybe later I will give examples or maybe not.

College issues are plentiful and I thank my hostess for this platform as guest blogger to talk about college and youth. Maybe if this is serialized I could take the issues topic by topic and we could have an interactive fun time. Inasmuch as I’d love that it is not in my hands but in your hands as you read this article and give feedback.

Like I always do when I’m ending an article, I’d say that the best way to enjoy your college experience is to know yourself. Yes! Know yourself and what exactly you are in for and that will shape your actions and even inactions as you spend your formative years in college.

Be well!

Kofi Larbi
aka Kola Nut


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