Kind Ghana Police

In recent times the Ghana Police have been in the news for all sorts of incidents ‘in the line of duty’ and some have been good whilst others have been bad. For the bad ones methinks we should follow the example of Kenya which recently did a clamp down on corrupt traffic police people by marking bills and then tracing these bills to these officers. Can Ghana do the same?
I have just come across this story about a policewoman going out of her way to help a stranded person in no less one of the major city towns.
Indeed some people will find fault with what she did especially saying that she left her post or whatever but to those people I say that be observant and notice that at every junction where the police have been posted there is always more than one police person and she could afford to help.
Here is the story as narrated to me by the beneficiary of the police kindness.

“I was stranded in Tema today. I stood at the AFCO juntion and didnt know where to turn. This young police officer stood at their mounted tent and i decided to ask her. She gladly offered to help and asked if i had the number of the person i had to meet. I explained that i did and told her my phones were off because my battery was low. She went to a nearby shell shop and asked the ladies if i could charge my fon. They agreed. She stayed there with me till i got some battery power. I didnt have airtime so she got some. I used her fon to make the calls and i got directions. She escorted to the office to make sure it was the right place. We came back later to pick my fon. I found my way back and had a successful meeting.
I did well to pass by the police checkpoint and she was there. She introduced me to her colleagues. They offered me lunch. 😀
Had to get bck to Accra. She called her taxi driver friend and i got a fair deal back to Accra. I was so so impressed. Gloria is a role model. She understands her job. Being of help to civilians. There are still some good servicemen and women out there.”
(Text edited from whatsapp shorthand. Lol)

Well, you have read the story. Whatever you think of our police force or of even any profession in society, even politicians, there are some good ones out there ready to serve Mother Ghana.
So you too go out there and do what you can for the development of the nation.
Like I always say,
It begins with YOU!!


2 Responses to “Kind Ghana Police”

  1. I am a skeptic as far as Gh police is concerned! Sadly so. A while back I was driving with a girlfriend when we burst a tyre behind a police barracks. They were sooooooooo helpful. They pushed the car off the road and changed the tyre.When we offered ‘ something small’ when they were done they actually refused. So i took to facebook praising the valiant men in uniform. The very next day was in Kumasi. The policeman who pulled us over said even though the fire extinguisher had not expired, there was some rust on d can. If we had no money , some fresh fish would do . And I am thinking WHAT D…

    • Sigh! With recent events of interdiction here and there it’s obvious they’re trying to wean out the bad ones but …

      That’s just the way it is. You only pray not to encounter an idiot cop cos hey! I’ve met a few in my time on the roads …

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