Social Persons

With the advent of social media we have met so many people who hitherto we wouldn’t have met or even could’ve have had any interaction with.

I know many of my readers will share my sentiments that they have met many people on social media websites and platforms  that exist on the world wide web.

Recently one of the youngest and most innovative  entrepreneurs of our time, the CEO of Horseman Shoes and “the president’s shoemaker” (as he’s come to be known as)made a touching remark of the powerful and far reaching effects of social media when he said that without it he wouldn’t have been in contact with some people whom have been inspirations and he’s known from afar. 

Businesses have been launched via social media platforms and here a classic case is the WearGhana brand that always does a social blitz for most of it’s events.

Mention can also be made of design houses like MSimps and Harmattan by Mabel Simpson and Immaculata Larbi. These businesses have made use of social media to a great effect and seen results.

So when it comes to the whatsapp application people join groups for various causes and yours truly is participant of almost 30such groups – both local and international.

It was in one of such groups that she was added. When I was told that there was a Kenyan group put together by an interesting independent woman and that I will find it fascinating I didn’t hesitate to be added. It was upon entering that I realized that the group was of young free thinkers who were upfront about almost anything.  That’s quite refreshing considering that Africans generally are uptight about some issues when it comes to our common problems. Here was a no holds barred platform where no subject was off limits. From belly button piercings to bisexual relationships and through social studies and politics, religion and sex no subject was off limits.

There is only one rule.

So one day a fun chick is added to the group and my first thought is Damn! This gal has the figure of an oboe.  What the heck!

The first picture she posted we all thought was Photoshopped and usually people not comfortable about doubting their photos so I had to find a way to get her to post more of her lovely photos. To this effect I confronted her to prove that the photo wasn’t and she finally had a photo where she stood on a stage right behind a huge guitar and I’m Sure most of the men given the choice will stroke the guitar in clothes and not the bare wood she had in her hands. 

There was no doubt both would produce the most delicious sound. 

In the next few weeks it became obvious that this was no bimbo. I’ve always been intimidated by beauty and brains and maybe it’s because I find such women so attractive it has a profound effect on me.  This was one chica who knew exactly what she was about.

Not only was she selfish she was also a philanthropist with a focus on young women and trying to get them through the rough patches they got in life through various methods available such as mentoring and just looking out for them.
Over the weeks folk in the group have become like family and there has been sharing of emotions and general stuff, Happy times mostly and sad times when the group has been used as a therapeutic platform to help members cope with the various adversities in life. Deaths have been mourned, relationships have taken either a dive or spiralled depending on the needs of the participants, job opportunities have been shared as well as research on various topics.

Lately births have been celebrated most. 

But focus on the support system provided as this heavenly guitar sprung it on us that she had gone for a checkup and there was bad news that she was sick.  The ability to own up to it and recognize this group that she has come to know like family for a few months is even unique in itself. The Passion family also didn’t disappoint and rallied in to support one of their own.

What intrigues yours truly most is that this young motivator didn’t see herself as an island when in crisis but then jumped into her social media family to open up and share not only her life but her fears and aspirations. Most of us will consider ourselves as individuals and be in our own corner and suffer in silence and that’s exemplified in the recent death of one of Nollywood’s young budding superstars who had a terminal illness and kept it to himself to his grave. Sad!

VAL! We’re here for you as a family and will always be. Passions got your back and this write up is dedicated to you. In you we see a friend and a sister, a colleague and a peer and Precious sees you as a mother and a mentor.

For all the young ladies they see you as a motivator and we pray you just live Long to achieve your purpose for which God put you on this planet. 

Be a shining light to your friends, family and country and through social media this Ghana man is privileged to know you. We will meet one day soon.

Social media causes change and though it you can not only cement friendships and meet cool people like VAL but you can spark a change process one person at a time t affect your community and your country.

Like I always say
It begins with YOU!!!


One Response to “Social Persons”

  1. This is such an honor, and yes, the group is more than social, its family, I can find almost every answer that I seek. I also get a chance to learn, share and be there for the members.

    Thank you, thank you thank you Kola…

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