Volunteerism in Ghana


Mariam Ama Bediako has always loved children.  At a very young age she used to gather her siblings and friends around her and pretend to be their mother. No wonder one of her hobbies is babysitting.

Growing up she has made it a personal goal to always be available for children not only in her community but the nation as a whole.

Fast forward to adulthood and it’s not surprising that this enterprising young woman puts aside a part of every money she gets to buy pencils and exercise books to distribute even to random children in the street. This she does because she says she believes in encouraging children to love to have an education because education is the bedrock of development not only personal but also communal and national.

She has volunteered for several programs and organizations in their community development agenda and she says being part of these programs and seeing the children’s happy faces make her inner light glow with happiness that at least she’s doing something worthwhile with her life.

She has therefore set up the Bliss Butterfly Network which she is yet to register as a non governmental organization so that she can gather more support for her activities to support children nationwide and take her activities further than she can.

“Volunteering is a way of giving back to the community and I believe it is an experience everybody should have…”she says.

Her latest major volunteer activity was in December 2014 when she partnered with African Writers Youth Organization, Action Child Mobilization Ghana (both based up north)and iHav Foundation first to raise a 1000books for the Tamale Regional Library and then for the Pieces for Peace Project in January.http://www.iHavfoundation.org

These projects were coordinated in Tamale by yours truly  and also as part of the #iBelieveInReading Project which seeks to inculcate a reading habit into Ghanaian children.

It was her first visit to the northern parts of Ghana and during that time she interacted with Savannah children and also distributed learning materials including exercise books and pencils to some of these children. Even with that she promised to do more and always has a quick idea as to what to do next for these children.

As a volunteer, seeking the cause of our national growth and development should be our ultimate aim. Volunteerism comes with little or no personal gains but the rewards are myriad as other volunteers will attest to and share their stories later on this blog.

We can all be volunteers in one way or the other and if we can’t make the time to even be there, Let’s support a worthy cause financially or otherwise.

Choose a cause and commit to it.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!!!


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