The Bald Volunteer


When I first met him it was after years of interaction online. This social media enthusiast had caught my attention for quite some time and his selfless enthusiasm to doing good for others is what drew me to him.

Little did I know that we’d be drawn to each other by our mutual challenges in trying to find fun ways in making this world a better place for others who are not necessarily underprivileged but others too who do not really understand the vagaries of life.

Freddy Seyram Ahiabor has become like one of the family, a brother from another mother with whom I flow on a different plane. He’s so effusive with showing love and his big heart which he wears in his smiles gives him away the instant you meet him. Put that together with his goofy sense of humor and a brazen wit and you got a nuclear cocktail of a man you can’t walk away from in a heartbeat.

Realizing earlier on in life that not everyone is privileged, he has joined several causes that seek to promote different social agendas both locally and internationally.

As a member of Accra Golden Lions Club, his organization skills and persistence has drawn many people to help out in various causes throughout the nation. He’s been instrumental in children’s affairs and over the years has instituted a drive to send donations and spend time with children at the Princess Marie Louise Hospital in Accra. He’s spearheaded blood donation drives to major hospitals in this country and also been instrumental in other social developments such as being a member of the planning committee of the Apagya school refurbishment project that was undertaken by a Facebook group.

Sometimes I tend to wonder if he ever has time for himself but Freddy (as he’s commonly known)assures me that he gets some me time to “sort”out a few things here and there.

As part of the GhanaThink Foundation team, they are responsible for the nationwide drive on getting the youth to rise up for themselves as the nation rides on their backs and thus organizing events such as BarCamps, JuniorCamps (mentoring for high schools)and the institution of a National Volunteer Day where events are organized simultaneously all over the country with volunteers.

Furthermore spearheading discussions on topical issues on social media (Facebook, twitter, Google plus, etc) as a moderator tends to provide a classroom like discussion forum where people from various walks of life and professions share views on several issues periodically.

That is a handful.

Volunteerism is setting one’s self apart to do labor, usually unpaid, so others can benefit. People like Freddy have set themselves apart traveling all over the country to help make other’s lives better. Doesn’t mean they have a perfect life but no matter what their lives are, they look up to making other lives much better than it is.

Just coming out of Operation Smile 2015 (surgeries to repair cleft deformities) that was in Cape Coast this year, Freddy is back to the fray of events and awaits the next event. His whole life is one voluntary event after the other and sometimes some of us get jealous because can’t find the time and resources to do as much as we want to do in giving back to society. All this is geared towards making our nation a better place to be.

We can’t all be as mobile or agile, being everywhere as some of these volunteers but we can support a worthy cause.

Identify a cause in your locality or join a cause around you and support in whatever way you can. This will go a Long way into putting a smile on someone’s face and trust me, will leave you fulfilled as having done something worthwhile.

Like I always say, it begins with YOU!!

Take that bold step and support a worthy cause.

And Hey! If you see Freddy anywhere, give him a hug and stand back and watch that bald pate glow.


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