blogMe It’s another year and Blogging Ghana, the umbrella organization for all bloggers in Ghana organized their annual BlogCamp,  a forum for bloggers to learn the rudiments of blogging and also other aspects and everything more or less related to blogging.

This year’s theme was Social Media for Good.

Hitherto blog camps had been held in Accra but constant reminders and persistent poking by some members especially yours truly have made the organizers aware that even though the capital might shelter the biggest number of bloggers, the other regions also counted.

To this effect, gratefully, this year’s blog camp was held in Kumasi and to ensure that it didn’t pose any problem for any bloggers who wanted to attend, buses were provided to take participants to and from the venue.

Furthermore there were several changes to the conducting of blog camps. This year the awards ceremony was separated from the main event and held earlier apart from the seminars and workshops held in Kumasi whilst the former was held in Accra a fortnight before.

In addition to this, participant bloggers were divided into teams to organize a blog walk to partly document parts of the host city in pictures.

To effect 3 gangs were formed with gang leaders to select different areas of Kumasi in a photo walk competition.

The Suame Gang, the Adum Gang and the Asafo Gangs went head to head in a photo walk for Which there was a final presentation to determine who won the photo walk with prizes given out to the winners.

This, albeit being hectic was pretty exciting and documented kumasi like never before within the spate of the four or five hours the competition went on.

For updates follow the hashtags with the gang names or blogcamp2015 on twitter or Facebook.

However comparatively there was a low turn out due to several factors I can only speculate but I won’t get into. I can only wonder what kind of reports the organizers are going to write for the records.
For yours truly, the build up to the blog camp was exciting. Several days earlier I’d already planned not to miss it even though I’ve been travelling quite a bit and needed to rest for a while. When I heard buses will be provided tried to assemble bloggers in Tamale for the event. In the end the region was aptly represented by three bloggers including the most prolific blogger I know, Cecelia Amoafowaa

With the blog comp to start in the morning it was imperative to get into town early so did so with my twin on Thursday to the Saturday when the event will be held to relax, having the blog walk slated for Saturday morning in mind too.

Friday night preceding the morning of the blog camp the excitement had mounted so much that I couldn’t sleep.  I was sleeping in spurts and bursts in anticipation of the event and since there was nothing much to do it was a night to break my twitter hiatus.

For a Long time I hadn’t tweeted anything and I was tweeting late Friday night into early Saturday morning so much so that it was like I was even monitoring the buses via twitter and using whatsapp to direct friends on how to get on the buses since I had a tweet on the pulse of the event, literally.

Then the light bulb moment popped up at the crack of dawn. This was going to be a bus full of social media people and bloggers, a good opportunity for networking and loads of fun, why not start the fun even before the main event.

Why not get on the bus and get driven with the others to the venue?

Cecelia wondered if I could pull it off and truly we did. We hopped on the bus right in front of our host residence and after hugging the amazing Kajsa and saying a few hellos, headed for the back of the bus where I knew I’d find the usual suspects.

And Boy! Didn’t I find them.

The mood in the bus was sombre and I was almost disappointed because I knew there were some fun folk on the bus and just maybe they had left too early and were still groggy with Sleep.

Alas they were all awake but pissed at the choice of music the driver had chosen to play in the bus.  The playlist was akin to what a deejay would play on the morning of a burial. That’s how one blogger described it and I thought to myself Thank God this bus is not a social media page else the driver will drive into a ditch(of course killing all the passengers) after reading all the comments and criticisms regarding his choice of music and driving.

However for the next half hour till the bloggers were dropped off to go participate in the blog walk it was fun just picking on each other and other people to tease even though it always ended back to the driver.

Gang members gathered together to pick trotros to their chosen locations and almost immediately the pictures started flowing in on twitter and instagram especially.

Blogcamp 2015 was on!


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