The BlogCamp2015 (2)


so yes the blogcamp was on.

when we were on the blogwalk there was one interesting thing that caught my attention pretty much. it is that kumasi is a very neat town especially in adum where the #adumGang chose to traipse around. the irony is that at the waste management department compound, the waste was rather mismanaged and the yard proper was in disarray with weeds and unkempt dumpsters. well! why am i surprised. ghana for you!

after taking so many pictures the gang headed out to vodafone cafe, also in adum to upload the pictures since there was a time deadline of midday and OMG! that day of all days the internet was very very slow or not functional at all. bloggers had to rush out and get credits for other networks and load so they could upload pictures for the competition. it was a pretty shame but the most important lesson learnt was that in every situation have a contingency.

hey! it was so much fun mingling with other bloggers on the quest to who got the most profound pictures and interesting to know the perspectives with which some people took some photos.

all in all it was fun.

then came the having to rush back to the venue of the blogcamp itself on the knust campus and at first it was how we all got into one trotro with only one guy not part of us and when we had convinced the driver to take us directly to the venue, he had to open his mouth to complain that we were taking him off his route. oh! how i had wished then that it was a social media page. but everybody kept their thoughts in their heads even when the security said that they will not allow the troski to go beyond the barriers so we had to get down.

and then the whole group got lost!

yes we went to the wrong venue and had to retrace our steps but not before yours truly had gone mango hunting with a guy seling flash disks and micro chips.

upon all that we got to the hall and the #AsafoGang had not even arrived yet but the workshop was going on.

lunch time and folk made light of the meal in quick gulps showing how tired they were and deservedly too after all that walking for almost 2hours.

they say you can tell a lot from a person by how they eat and from what i observed i dare not delve into that.

in this era of dumsor, it was a welcome relief to get into the hall and find that electrictiy was intact and there was a standby generator. kudos to the organizers for that foresight although we didnt need it. being social media freaks it was time to see how gadgets had to be charged and yours truly had to charge my 2 phones, a tablet, a laptop and a power bank. plugs

oh! that is just me. and i am even not too tech savvy. lol

let me leave the rest to your imagination so you can figure out why upon all the extension boards placed in the hall even sockets outside the hall saw some action.

the panel discussion was educative on how to use social media in various aspects whether you were an individual or an organization and the moderator, Ato Ulzen did a good job asking the questions that were on the mind of blogcamp participants although there was a chance for the audience to ask questions which were very few.

then we went into the breakout session and Kajsa was ‘in her zone’ with Blogging 101. i have always loved how she breaks down her teaching to the very basic requrirements so that anybody could understand it and she was just the right person to take that ‘class’ introducing blogging to neophytes and even people who were already blogging but wanted to still get some basics.kajsa

Edward Tagoe in the other breakout session was also in his elements brimming with confidence in taking bloggers through using social media to achieve goals and to what extent social media could help influence society. from the discussions that ensued, it was obvious that even those who didn’t really understand how social media could be used to campaign to influence society realized that they have been missing out on the excitement involved.

the last action of the day was the final presentations of the various gangs from the blog walk. wow! Kumasi had really been documented and it was time for the gang leaders to let their pictures tell a story. there were so many photos and i’m sure members spent a pretty long time selecting photos and even on an angle to present a story.

in the end the #suameGang had the best story and presentation according to the judges but then it had all been a fun event. suame

oh yes! yours truly went on a photo bombing spree after the event and i laughed so hard i ended on the floor so literally rolling on the floor laughting (rotfl) when Nehemiah tried to hold his tummy in. i know i have saved the photo of the Tummy Gang as i call them and those guys are some of the smartest and most affable guys i know. just keep being you Tummy Gang especially Selikem.tummy

time to leave and another bus ride and this time it was unlike the morning ride. this time if you didnt partake in the fun then you did not come to blog camp2015. it was pretty sad that very soon we had to get off the bus and head home as the rest of the participants headed back to accra.

to everybody who was at the blogcamp2015, thank you for coming and i hope in all that fun you learnt a thing or two about blogging. we had a chance to put the faces to the twitter handles, to the facebook posts we saw the owners of the profiles we didnt know and i’m still trying to sift through it all.

if you missed blogcamp2015 and you are reading this, please don’t miss the next one.

kudos to the organizers and thank you to all the sponsors. we appreciate what you do for blogging ghana.

thank you kobby blay for the photos, they are amazing photos.

let’s go ahead and document ghana for the rest of the world.

like i always say, it begins with YOU!



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