Accra Floods


It’s the rainy season again and as usual Ghana is set on edge because of the various places that will constantly be on the news for flooding when there is a little rain.

Perennial rainstorms have been the undoing of some communities especially in the capital. People buy land indiscriminately without checking how waterlogged the areas the land they buy lie and this is partly because they want to own property in Accra. The high demand for land has led to indiscriminate selling of any small tract of land available within anywhere mapped as Accra.

It doesn’t matter where and it doesn’t matter what the land is designated for in the general lands plan.

Wonder how people get to buy these lands anyway especially land demarcated in water ways. But this is Ghana where magic happens with the right kinda cash.

Incidentally there are however some low lying areas in Accra that are bound to flood no matter what. City authorities have tried to ease (not solve it entirely)the flooding in these areas by taking measures such as building bigger drainage systems in such areas. But these are Never enough if the attitude and mentality of the people is not in tandem with the attempt to ease flooding when same people you’re trying to relieve block those drains and hinder the flow of tons of water as is expected to flow.

Suburbs in Accra that are prone to flooding every year are plenty notably parts of Alajo, Adabraka, Nkrumah circle (one year got flooded so high boats had to be used),Kaneshie, Abeka lapaz and several other areas.

Considering that over the years this problem still persists and the authorities know that it is a prevailing problem, what sort of country do we find ourselves in where the leaders would rather prioritize beautification when the floods come and create a mess. Then what did you spend money to beautify?

As for the mayor of Accra, I won’t say that he’s doing too badly because I will not want to be in his shoes especially when he’s been voted Africa’s Best Mayor and problems like this still persist in his jurisdiction under his watch.

People can criticize him all they want but for once I myself will commend him because knowing the issues I believe it could’ve been worse and he’s doing his best to see the city he loves so much get better.

That award is a feather in his crap (Oops! I meant cap)and with his colleague mayors from other cities in Africa coming for a summit at this time I hope he hides them well in plush hotels within clean environment outside the flood prone areas and the city slums. 

It’s another rainy season and for me it’s a personal responsibility to take care of oneself during this time.

Putting garbage in drains to choke them will only lead to worst social problems and it’s a pity those who wait for rains to dump excreta in the drains so it gets carried away for them. Just might end up in somebody’s flooded room.

Let’s be each others’ keepers at this time and the responsibility is ours.
Like I always say, it begins with YOU!! 


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