“The next time you attempt to do that again, I’m gonna whip out your dick and slam it into a car door and if you know me well enough I don’t make idle threats …”
With these words I put him in a taxi and sent him home.

You’re wondering what this is about. That’s me coming face to face with a homosexual guy who claims he was in love with me and wanted to sleep with me at all costs.

By the time I finish this particular article most people who know me will look at me differently and I’m sure I might lose a few religious friends but then so be it if this is how I feel and you’re not open minded enough to tag along. This is not about being religious but more about being social.

I have had several encounters with homosexuals ever since I was in high school. A friend of mine found a way of getting extra cash for school by posting fantasy stories in European gay magazines and when we got responses we wrote stories that could fetch us money from our benefactors abroad. In a week we could make not less than €50 and sometimes it went as high as €300 depending on the mark.

Yeah right! This was in the late 90s and as students that was a lot of money.

Seeing those gay magazines and the pictures opened my eyes to a whole new world and initially it was disgusting but curiousity made me find out what will make one man go in for another man.

Interestingly, being curious I now became a target for a relationship with several offers of wealth and grandiose. Somebody even promised me a house and a car, another a vacation holiday anywhere in the world of my choice and boy there were offers. I now understood how pretty gals must feel inundated with all these promises just to get a piece of you.

It didn’t occur to me though that personally I hated it so much until I was invited to a house warming party in a plush suburb in Accra. Unknown to me it was a gay party. The host’s boyfriend /sugardaddy from the Netherlands had bought him the house and he had just come in from abroad to celebrate with his boo who also invited his friends over to meet him. With over 200 guests there were only 4 women and an hour or so into the party two of them felt as lost as I was at the party so we sort of gravitated to each other. 

We decided it was a party and we were already there so we should have fun anyways.

It was when I was dancing with one of these gals that I felt somebody grind against me from behind and the person was very soft so I conveniently assumed it was the other gal sitting with us.  I was in heaven being sandwiched between two pretty women at a gay party. What a blessing.

My relaxing apparently emboldened the person behind me who started fondling me and it was when I felt the hairy arms and the hardened dick on my butt that I realized it was a man and truth be told I instantly had murderous intentions. I just held on to the tip of the erect penis in his pants and just wanted to strangle the worm.  His cry of pain and the lady I was dancing with saved the day and I left the party immediately after.

By now you would think I have a problem with homosexuals. No I don’t. I honestly think some are the most intelligent people I have met and it’s a pity that they have to live a double life and be afraid of coming out of the closet because of how people will react to them. I believe that it is a personal choice and that they are human beings first and should be treated as such.

But it is only when you try to rope me in on your choices that I have a problem with. Yeah I’ve heard it being said that I have a double standard with that but I think it’s clear cut for me.  It has nothing to do with my Christian faith and it’s just to do with my social nature.

Friend of mine said that as for me I’ll love everybody. And Yes it is True.

Imagine bearing the same name with a listed homosexual who is a world traveler and people just Google the name and my number comes up. Yes I take his calls and I redirect his hookups to his current number cos he keeps changing numbers and that’s how come I know a lot about homosexual activities round the world.

Well, now that single sex marriage has been legalized in the USA I can assume it will be easier for them to live their lives in the open and not in the shadows. As for here in Africa, we’d always frown on the practice but we can’t stop it. Driving it underground will even make it more popular and widespread.

I’ve always been an advocate of being who you are and being comfortable but if you have to hide to be you is it worth it?

As for me, it’s a choice they make and they have to live with it but please I’ve also made my choices, don’t drag me into yours.

Based on my experience let’s just be friends and I won’t be forced to tell you I’ll put your dick in a vise or send you to Bangkok, with a mallet.


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