Blue Gate

Those of us who grew up in the Mamprobi – KorleBu – Chorkor and even the Banana Inn area will remember the Blue Gate video centre and its patronage. It was the only video centre where we were assured of the latest music videos in an era when the videos sold the songs. Seeing the music video is what convinced you that the music was dope. 

The music video is what sold the songs and not even the CDs. 

We had fond memories of banal groups like the 2 Live Crew from USA with their I Wanna Rock track with women clad in Brazilian bikinis shaking their tush like it was nobody’s biz and the emergence of the dancehall genre with shabba ranks and his trail load of gals, shaka demmus & pliers and a whole host of others.

Let’s not forget the ladies too Queen Latifa with her Weekend Luv collaboration and Lady Patra’s One Minute Man.  Mc Lyte, Salt N Pepa and many more.

But inasmuch as these videos were what drew us there, it is not what my focus is on with this article. My focus is on our choices in life and how we Let a venture like that just didn’t out.

Although the videos were current and latent, there were used as the prelude to the main movies that were shown at the BlueGate. Some people just came to watch the music videos and then moved on to other cinema or video centres around to watch other videos especially at Plaza Cinema on the big screen or some other centres showing other movies usually more pornographic especially on weekends.

Not only was the video centre a place of entertainment but we made some of the craziest friends and sometimes boys went there in groups as in we were able to plan that after soccer in the evening we were all going to be at the video centre that evening. Some of the best laid plans were made at this video centre and bonds were forged. There was always something to discuss at the next sitting after watching a particularly interesting music video or movie.

So what happened to BlueGate as a centre? With the number of people that it drew per night to patronize the place, it is very surprising that it didn’t develop into an ultra modern centre with the latest gadgets maybe graduate to a projector on a white screen or a flat screen television or a place where people could hang out the whole day instead of just evening entertainment.

In an era before all this DSTV football watching caught on, BlueGate was a pacesetter and should have been ahead of the pack with serialized food joints (remember the kelewele/fried yam/potatoes seller across the street), maybe a barber’s shop plus boutique and other shops to cater for the needs of patrons round the clock. 

As somebody suggested, we really don’t have foresight as Ghanaians and we live for today and not the future. With a venture like that it is such a shame that the place has been laid waste and even though the internet has made it possible to have access to videos even on your phone, places like BlueGate video centre could still be relevant if proprietors had vision and rebranded their services and also roped in all the parties that will benefit from from the human traffic passing through everyday.

Makes strong business sense to just pool it all together and then rake in as much as possible. 

Ventures like BlueGate has shaped some of us and opened us up to events as they enfolded in the rest of the world and once human beings are curious, such businesses will always thrive if only proprietors will think of a way to provide what the customers want.

As for us the consumers we will always have choice and with so much to choose from we are the ones to make such ventures grow from a cottage biz to a multi million cedi business. We make the difference.

Long live the BlueGates of this world and you could start your own BlueGate in your own corner.

Best wishes from me as you find your BlueGate.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!!


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