Open letter to Dr. Nkrumah

This past weekend I spent in one of the coolest spots in the world and one of my colleagues, inspired by the beauty of the place wrote an open letter to the first president of Ghana, for which reasons will be revealed by the end of the letter.
Read on!

Dear Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah,

It’s fulfilling to send you warmest greetings from the breezes of the Gambaga Escarpments. Wherever you may be, I send you prayers for the opportunity to enjoy the best hospitality in an environment I least expected to be treated to an executive bed. Truly, you never die!

I must be sincere to convey my excitement through this piece. Despite the open reality,that you may never read this letter, I am burdened by the necessity to strip bare to you my experience here in Nakpanduri. Sir, I am overwhelmed with joy and convinced that, if for nothing else, your name will be honored by this letter.

Today marks my first day here in Nakpanduri and I am writing you from a bed that was decorated for you in the mountains here. It’s an executive bed and I can feel myself treated as a President. It’s my prayer to wear this title someday, in order to continue your dreams.

I am here with a team of volunteers; with a mission to impact lives and shift the minds of the youth from bad to good.

Sir, I know you’ll be sad! The once peaceful Nakpanduri is now a conflict prone area and has been in the news for reasons of war. Sadly, these wars differ from the “wars” you fought against the British colonial masters. These are wars fought among the tribes of this beautiful land. As I write to you, there’s a curfew that has been imposed on the people. We’re mandated to stay indoors: Starting from 4:00pm to 6:00am. Though there’s some level of calm here, the people here still feel threatened.

We the volunteers, through the mind shift program, organized by the MindShift Foundation and supported by GhanaThink finds it very necessary to mentor the youth to shy away from acts of war and think forward towards developing the community.

Sir, you can count on me! With the numerous inspirations drawn from your works and books, I can change the society. In Shaa Allah!

The histories behind this very building is intriguing and mind boggling. I am told, which has been confirmed to be true, that this building was suppose to house you, following your plans to make a stopover in Nakpanduri after commissioning the kulungungu projects. Sadly, the treacherous bombing by the bourgeoisie elements in our country posed a greater security challenge. Though you’re gone, your name still ring bells and can never die!

The escarpments leading to this beautiful building is one of the best tourist attractions I’ve ever set eyes on in the North. Happily, the place has ben named after you. It’s called “Nkrumah House” and used as a guest house to generate revenue for the District Assembly.

You never die!

What I’ve realized strangely here is that whilst the authorities named the place a “Rest House”, the people refused to recognize it as such but rather as “Nkrumah House”. Your name shall continue to ring bells!

Sir, I am convinced if we did not have a dark day in Ghana, you would’ve chosen th
>is place as a permanent rest point after your retirement. I am honored to be a guest in the Presidential lodge. I shall forever remain a believer and subscriber to your dreams for Ghana.

Wherever you’re, rest in peace.

Yours sincerely
Abdul-Mumin Sofo Yumzaa

Thank you Sofo for this powerful letter and I must add that during my interview and conversation with the father of founder of the MindShift Foundation, the octogenarian, a Young Pioneer at the time, intimated that they were made to go stand in the streets in their school uniforms chanting and singing “Nkrumah songs”.

He also said that even though the house had been put up hastily and purposefully for the president’s arrival, Nkrumah only rested in the house for a short time and he went on his way towards the capital. It was later that they heard about the assassination attempt.

We’re doing our own bit as volunteers to make Ghana a better nation and you can also do it too by supporting a worthy cause.

The sky is the new foundation and not the limit.

Like I always say it begins with YOU!!


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